One review remaining

I’m getting this bug. Everytime I finish my reviews, I’m dumped back to the homepage. However, it always say’s there one more review remaining. When I click it however, I stay on the homepage, and instead a message appears at the top of the screen “Quite the little explorer aren’t you”, and then the review disappears.
I mean, it doesn’t have any effect on my ability to use WK, just weird is all.


Drop them an email at I assume what’s happening here, is that you get dropped on the dashboard before the review goes through fully, therefore rendering the dashboard with one review remaining. This is what we in the industry call a very fun time (or a race condition, depends on who you ask)


Any scripts?

I got this too (I’m on Edge) because I was still loading obsolete scripts on my dashboard.

I deleted everything and it stopped doing it :smiley: Hope that helps !

To be honest, since it doesn’t really effect anything, I’m not going to disable my scripts for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean… It’s only the obsolete ones you have to delete. Basically, delete and re-install Tampermonkey (or whatever you’re using) and re-install every scripts still working with the new version.

You don’t loose anything by doing it. You’re just cleaning your old mess. :smiley:

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