OMG - My brain is full

I haven’t done any new lessons since Sunday (admittedly I did 5 times more than usual) and now I can’t seem to remember ANYTHING…stuff I knew before Sunday seems to have disappeared out of my brain!!! What have I done to myself? What can I do to fix it? Any advise would be appreciated!! sob sob sob…


Just keep doing reviews, pay attention to those you get wrong more often, and things will fix themselves with time :slight_smile: Most recent content is easier to get right imo. My accuracy is quite bigger for apprentice/guru than for burn reviews.


I can totally relate! Every once in a while I will have one of those days that I can’t seem to remember anything. I will wonder if I did too much, wasn’t paying attention, distracted, etc.etc.! Luckily for me usually the next day I am right back on track and I have to remind myself that those days will happen. I hope that is the same for you! As long as you keep progressing little by little every day, and don’t give up everything will start coming back to you. Don’t put to much pressure on yourself and remember that Japanese takes time and that you will know more tomorrow than you knew yesterday if you take it easy and one step at a time!

For advice on how to remember things easier, I agree with @jprspereira. If you see you get something wrong take a little extra time to try and re-cement it into your brain, and if you have new lessons try to do them where you will be able to get the first reviews in the actual time period of that first 4 hours, if I learn something and miss that first review time for sleep or whatever the reason may be, I find that it is a little more difficult to remember than if I had done that first review on schedule! You will be fine!!


I agree with jprspereira. Stay off new lessons until you are happy with your accuracy! It’s okay to have a bunch of mistakes as that’s what SRS is for. Make mistakes until you learn it all, then all your reviews will climb back up.

Keep up all the studying. :slight_smile:


Hmm weird, for me it’s the opposite, burned/enlightened items are much easier for me to remember than apprentice/guru items…


Hum, I guess it depends on how the optimum SRS intervals change from person to person :slight_smile: For example, I’m doing WK’s SRS intervals for SRSing outside of WK and I changed the 4 month interval to 3 months. So far, I feel like it’s been working better for me. Or it could be something else, idk :man_shrugging: xD


I find when I can’t remember anything, it’s for one of two reasons:

  1. I don’t know the material as well as I thought I did. (Also: I knew it well before, but just plain forget since the last review.) In this case, I review WaniKani’s mnemonic. The mnemonics don’t really work very well for me, but I review just in case. If I know it absolutely won’t work, I try and see if I can come up with one of my own, which I’ll probably forget by the next review. Over time, it seems to work out. But if I have too many I’m failing, I must stop all lessons until I get my troublesome ones worked out. (Not that I’ve even been on top of lessons to begin with.)

  2. I’m doing too much learning/reviewing in the day. (Also: I had a really mentally draining day at work, and can’t focus very well.) In this case, I try to do a minimum of ten WaniKani reviews (click on the clock icon at the bottom-left when I’m starting my reviews). If a review session goes really poorly because I’m not able to recall anything, I stop after the ten, and find something relaxing to do instead. I either try another ten later, or hold off until the next day.

Unless you have a hard deadline to make a certain amount of progress by, there’s no harm in stopping lessons for an extended period of time, and taking your time on getting to know the review material better.


I dont have a hard deadline but i read abiut how quick others level up and my average is 24 days…so i was pushing myself to go faster!! I like your idea about the 10 items so ill try that. Im not a natural at learning languages so i just have to accept that and do it at my own pace!!

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I haven’t done any lessons lately. I just keep reviewing. Even thinking of seeing if I can get Apprentice kanji to zero before I do another lesson. May be awhile before I level up next but it feels like I’m tidying up.

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For me it’s always like this when I am not careful with my mnemonics. When I learn too quickly and tell myself: yeah I know that, きょう, easy…

well, a few days/weeks in it will not be that obvious anymore. Is it きょう?きょ?こう?こ?りょう? so work on clear stories, images, emotions, stuff that relates to you.


Slow down.


Yeah, I do the same thing. It’s like, ah yeah sure I can easily remeber that! Sometimes you simply have to invest more time into the mnemonics or come up with your own.

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I suspect my apprentices will only be at zero when/if I finish WK. I get about 20 items a day re-entering apprentice from guru, and some of those used to be master. :-/

I feel like I need “apprentice 5” and “guru 1.5”.

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