Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

I’m so beat. I’m setting up a new computer today, and I logged into WK earlier than then I was like, WAIT A MINUTE SCRIPTS! And immediately logged out to not accidentally try and do reviews without scrips. >_>

Just installed tamper monkey and now I need to add all my scripts… :pensive: And turn off this stupid auto-correct that apparently thinks it is helpful. (I always hate on and turn off autocorrect, it is stupider than me and I’ll stand by my misspellings.)

Edit: And adding back in my own edits on a couple of scripts. Ugh.


At least the first review session on this new computer took me to my 4000th master item. But no lessons today because my head feel a bit like I have beaten it against the desk like the cat above.


Dang it, should have bought them when I had the chance :sob:
But they were expensiiiiiive

Sucks when it happens, but I’ve been switching computers so often last few months, I’m kind of used to it. I also can remember my whole script list from memory


I have 21 scripts, I’m not sure I’d want to memorize that many, although if I started changing computer regularly I’d probably get rid of a few that I can live without. However, this was my first computer change in 7 years… And I chose to start fresh to make sure I didn’t take any bloat with me from my previous computer. Still think it was the right decision, but I could have had the whole computer mostly up and running so so so sos os osos ososososososoosos much faster if I’d just used my latest backup with mac’s time machine (basically copy everything from programs, to settings, to files). Instead I’ll just get the files tomorrow because everything else took too much time today (and I’m not even finished with everything else on top of that). Ugh. :tired_face:


Hello! I noticed this thread when I first started, but I didn’t think I had enough time to make it to level 60 - but now the Olympics have been postponed to 2021! Will we change the new end date? If so I’d love to join and give myself a challenging goal.

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I think it has been decided by poll that the end date would remain the same, however, I think people will still stay in the race after the end date has passed, plus we might create additional leaderboards after this is over. Alternatively you can join our sister groups:


Congrats @VictorLino on cake! Also: @carlostdev on level 58 and @ematan on level 47 (faaaaast levels! so fast!)

Also me. Just did my fastest level ever at 4 days, 1 hour :smiley: Next one will not be so fast since I gotta work today, lol. Job before lessons.


Ahhh I wonder if they’ll rerelease them next year? The only place where they weren’t crazy expensive were at NRT airport, weirdly.


… that explains everything

Edit: If I recall correctly, they pretended to charge 3,000 yen + tax for a medium-size plush of either of the mascots.
To put things into perspective, I bought a pillow/plush at Tokyo Disneyland that was much better made and bigger than those plushes for 3500 yen


おめでとう! よく頑張ったね! 天才です! I would send you some stickers if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic >.>


Awww it is the intention that counts, thanks! :smiley:


WAIT WAIT WAIT, Is that a lvl 60 CARLOS !!!

Congrats !!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:



Well done!!!

The consistency over a year! Congratz!



CONGRATULATIONS, CARLOSSSS!!! Are you proud? I bet you’re super fucking proud <3 I’m proud, that’s for sure! Welcome to the club, @carlostdev :sparkles:


Congratulations, @carlostdev!! You made it! :cake: :sparkling_heart: :sunflower: :sparkles:


There are a lot of due congratulations that I’ve missed too, big congratulations and hugs to @avalia, @madtapa, and @Redglare for hitting level 60 as well! :heartpulse: :birthday: :heartpulse:

Congratulations also to @SuperSnoopy for level 53, and apologies to everyone I left out because of my glitchy leaderboard T_T I’m so proud of every single one of you!


I’m sorry I haven’t been as active here recently, but I’ve still been reading everyone’s posts and missing you all!

I slowed down on WK quite a bit over the past few months since life got suuuper busy, and also spent some more time practicing other aspects of Japanese, such as speaking.

You all help motivate me to keep going right to the very end! 一緒に頑張りましょう!


Wahoo, congrats @carlostdev!! :cake: :cupcake: :champagne: :tada: :confetti_ball: Been watching you approaching the finish at full speed on the 0/0 thread; how great does it feel to finally get to slow down??


Congrats @carlostdev!!


oh hey! @carlostdev! you made it! proud of you :cake: :sparkling_heart:
and the rest of y’all! you’ve got it too! i believe in you!
goes back to lurking and not actually being in the race


@carlostdev Congrats on LVL 60 !!! :cake::cake::cake:


I blinked and suddenly you were already lvl 60 !!!


OMG everyone, thank you so much :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:
You’re all awesome!


This really is the best support group I could find on this forum, helped keep me motivated on this race!

Sorry for the late reply to you all, I’ve been busy with… life and… the aftermath of going full speed, which got really crazy by the end. It is starting to finally look better :sweat_smile: And I hope the workload decreases gradually :smiley:

But of course I will keep around for those still on their way to level 60. You’ve got this!