Race to 60! December 2020 JLPT

This is a sister group to the Olympians thread!

The goal of this group is to hit level 60 in time for the December 2020 JLPT. December 1 is our placeholder deadline until the official test date is announced. If you have a different goal that you really want to commit to, that’s ok too!

Introduce yourself, and add yourself to the leaderboard!

  • To Add: click the orange edit button on the post below from Pensei, and add yourself based on your current level!
  • To Update: change your current level and move your rank according to the new level
  • You need to have member status to edit wiki posts, so if you don’t, reply and @ me, and I’ll add/update you! (What is Member Status and how do I get it?!)
  • Note: Speed is the speed between your last level and your current level, not your average speed.
    You can get your speed here: https://www.wkstats.com/ (old version)
    Or here: https://www.wkstats.com:10001(new version)

Let’s gooooooo! fight! win!


:sparkles::cake: Leaderboard :cake::sparkles:

This leaderboard is ranked according to current level, then speed, then alphabetically. But primarily try to keep the levels ranked, and I’ll be happy ^^
<3 FennelFox

Username Goal Original Level Speed Current Level
subt13 AB joined at: 49 speed: 13 days level: 49
indestructible 60 joined at: 43 speed: ? level: 43
whatupshimasu AB joined at: 37 speed: 12 days 1 hour level: 40
Saida AB joined at: 36 speed: 20 days level: 38
stardustashes 60 joined at: 21 speed:15 days 7 hours level: 21
Akoge 60 joined at: 16 speed: 9 days level: 19
BenMuella23 60 joined at: 16 speed: 10 days ?? hours level: 18
chaswrig 48 joined at: 17 speed: 18 days level: 18
aidenopoly 60 joined at: 15 speed: 10 days 5 hours level: 16
Ilyasaur 60 joined at: 13 speed: 9 days 5 hours level: 14
frayderike 60 joined at: 13 speed: 10 days 23 hours level: 14
JoJoJapan 60 joined at: 13 speed: 25 days level: 14
jalwood1 60 joined at: 14 speed: ? days level: 14
AAfunian 60 joined at: 11 speed: 11 days level: 13
tetraflu0ride AB joined at: 9 speed: 11 days level: 13
PrickerKami 60 joined at: 12 speed: 10 days 9 hours level: 12
SuperEyeRoller 60 joined at: 9 speed: 10 days level: 12
Kawazoe 60 joined at: 10 speed: 7 days 3 hours level: 11
Rydien 60 joined at: 11 speed: 39 days level: 11
maggiekarp 60 joined at: 6 speed: 9 days 13 hours level: 10
terghalin 60 joined at: 9 speed: 16 days 23 hours level: 10
parasu 60 joined at: 7 speed: 7 days 10 hours level: 10
CassLInTheSky 60 joined at: 9 speed: 18 days 6 hours level: 10
khamarr3524 60 joined at: 10 speed: 55 days level: 10
Krysta84 60 joined at: 6 speed: 7 days 6 hours level: 9
eeua14 60 joined at: 8 speed: _ days level: 8
Litoppet 60 joined at: 8 speed: 7 days 16 hours level: 8
FennelFox 60 joined at: 5 speed: 7 days 22 hours level: 8
skgr 60 joined at: 8 speed: 8 days 0 hours level: 8
jesskefet 60 joined at: 7 speed: 11 days level: 8
dehydration 60 joined at: 8 speed: 10 days level: 8
BobTheBuilder 52 joined at: 6 speed: 12 days 12 hours level: 7
darkmelody42 60 joined at: 3 speed: 13.5 days level: 7
Dillweedss 60 joined at: 6 speed: ? days level: 7
Turok 60 joined at: 6 speed: 7 days level: 6
iwamoge 60 joined at: 6 speed: ? days level: 6
carlostdev AB joined at: 1 speed: 7 days 0 hours level: 5
keelimeguy 60 joined at: 3 speed: 8 days, 11 hours level: 5
Tes 60 joined at: 4 speed: 8 days 15 hours level: 5
bejabo 60 joined at: 5 speed: 8.17 days level: 5
saraborderline 60 joined at: 3 speed: 8 days 18 hours level: 5
Holtani 60 joined at: 5 speed: 9 days level: 5
rabideau 60 joined at: 4 speed: 10 days 2 hours level: 5
Karakayn 60 joined at: 5 speed: 68 days 7 hours level: 5
2player 60 joined at: 2 speed: 7 days 11 hours level: 4
Termea 60 joined at: 4 speed: 99 days level: 4
fearthefall 60 joined at: 3 speed: ? level: 4
nekodeko33 60 joined at: 3 speed: 5 days 12 hours level: 3
shoshinonryu 60 joined at: 1 speed: 6 days 1 hours level: 3
staubhold 60 joined at: 3 speed: ? days level: 3
chokobiscuits 60 joined at: 1 speed: 4 Days 9 Hours level: 2
ealin 60 joined at: 2 speed: ? days level: 2
huacademic 60 joined at: 2 speed: ? days level: 2
TheBlueFaery 60 joined at: 2 speed: ? days level: 2
pepperdove 60 joined at: 1 speed: x days level: 1

I forgot to mention it to you before, but only “regular” users (used wanikani forums for 50+ days, meet the views, posts, and likes requirements, etc) can make wikis so I added one above!
(as for the format, you can just copy the one from olympians, which I copied from race to the cake :woman_shrugging:)


Aha! Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.


You could ask a mod to make your post a wiki if you want

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@chaswrig and @bejabo, welcome! Looking forward to leveling with you!


This seems interesting! I might go for N2 for the jlpt 2020, so I would like to get to sometime next year. According to my stats I’m ptojected to be all burned by October next year, so I’ll make that my goal.

So for me I should enter time spent on level 35? That is what I did. Let me know if I should change it!


@FennelFox Thank you for starting this thread! I’m on the Olympians leaderboard as well, and while I’d love to meet that goal, Dec 2020 gives me some much appreciated cushion!

@pensei Thanks for making the wiki/leaderboard!


Nice goal.
It will keep me going after I attempt N2 in July next year.

SO I’ve added myself.
Let’s do this!


I just start using WaniKani and this looks like an extra motivation. Don’t know if I make it from level 2 but I do my best. Thank you.


I’ve taken a look at my estimates from the statistics website.
At my current average of 12 days, 16 hours (which is slower than I would like, because I’ve spend a lot of time on level 3 due to not having money to pay yet and 4 because school holiday for the kid = less time for me) I would be at level 60 in April 2021. Which means I would not make it. All burned would be September.

At the fastest, (which seems to be an average of 3 days, which is impossible right?) I would be at 60 in April 2020, which is a whole year earlier and to be honest, sounds undo-able for me. (school holidays are still going to be a thing)
All burned in September again, just a year sooner.
(putting the average on 6 days actually makes it not that much longer)

My current pace seems to average around 8 days, but I can see already, that I’ll probably not be able to keep that up for all the levels. Thus I have searched what would get me to 60 on December 1st. This would be 10 days and 12 hours approximately. Now that actually seems manageable.

On a different note, that hypothetical number would also get me 95% of N2 level kanji before July. Which makes it another good reason to stay at or around 10 days a level.


This is perfect! I will hit right at 60 or just a little sooner if things go well. Great idea using JPLT as motivation. I think it would be awesome if we could pass N2.


As a small note, there is a new wk stats site with some improvements over the original. ^^


It uses API v2.


I might go for the N3 since I’m not so confident with my grammar, but we’ll see how things go with Uni and work! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و


Hello, I would like to join and have edited myself into the post! I look forward to all of us encouraging each other and reaching our goals! Let’s do it!


Hey all. Olympics isn’t really my thing, but I do plan on taking the JLPT… eventually… :sweat_smile: So, as soon as my exams are finished (next wednesday) I’ll start doing lessons again and see if I can’t do this! If I have 11 day levels I can finish October. 12 day levels, December 6th. So it looks like it’s doable for me without too crazy a pace, and that’s also quite motivating.

The order or ranking in that leader-board is confusing me. Is it supposed to be in order of speed or level? Edit: @GrumpyPanda Thanks! xD


I think so, same here.

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Loving the goal! Aiming for the JLPT alongside a WK level is probably the healthiest for your Japanese. Also, it’s always fun to meet WaniKani’ans at the JLPT locations ! °~°


Yes, that’s right! Your average speed won’t change much, so it’s more motivating to put the speed you spent on your last level.

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Ah so I should change it every time I level up?