Olympians (medalists announced - congrats everyone!)

I update too, but I do wonder sometimes if the thread has died haha
With the personal leaderboards gone, I also don’t have a good way of congratulating people anymore :frowning_face:

Don’t give up, everyone! Keeping regularity like this in your life is super helpful for not losing your mind in quarantine :innocent: Remember why you started and why you have come so far, we can all do this, we’re in this together!! :sparkles:


Indeed and Avalia! 60 is so clooooooose for you! :cherry_blossom:


Two more dayyysss, it feels super unreal :cake::eyes:


Two days to all the cake, all the cake cake cake cake! :cake:


Hey guys! I’m not an Olympian, but I’m curious if there are any other groups that are running that I may be able to join? I just started WaniKani last month, so I’m looking for something that is still a year or so out. I tried looking through the site, and maybe I’m missing everything, but I don’t see much.


@onryu Luminaries have a May 26, 2021 goal! (Based on the lunar eclipse :slight_smile:)


I guess people must’ve gotten bummed out because the olympics got cancelled. My leaderboards also got broken with the new update :confused:

But as they say, the real Olympics is the friends we make along the way



MY LEADERBOARD IS BACK HOLY MOLY I completely didn’t notice, wonder when that happened

Look at all those Olympians go!! :heart_eyes: (also, yeah I’m on my own leaderboard, no judge pls)

So, here we go, @tupuliini, let’s congratulate you again right here, rightfully so! Same for @Shannon_Shark, you two rock, how is your level-60 life going? :cake:

@arina22, @chriis4, @VictorLino, @madtapa keep going, you’re almost there!! It’s literally the final stretch for you guys, can you already see the light? :sparkles:

@_Shiori, you made it to Reality!! How’s it feel? Grounded, or, like, too real? It definitely was the latter for me haha.

@nicoffee, @SuperSnoopy, @carlostdev! Only fast levels from here on out for you guys, are you ready for it? It doesn’t have to be pure pain, take it as rapid or as leisurely as you want to :innocent:


And part 2:

@tigrennatenn happy Paradise to you! :palm_tree::tropical_drink: 2/3 of the way done, congratulations!
And @ematan and @here34, you two are about to join the fun, huh? :eyes:

@Ditto20, @Toyger, @tip, @TheLastSwitch congratulations on you conquering Hell :fire:

@MissDagger good job on keeping at it! :muscle:

And last but not least, @cephaus! Don’t forget Wanikani over all that Animal Crossing :upside_down_face:

Most level ups!
A clear winner, @madtapa with 9, get it, 9 level-ups!! :sparkles::tada::sparkles:
EDIT: basically 10, the new level-up was practically minutes after my post

You are all doing an amazing job! I hope you’re all staying safe and washing your hands/paws/etc.! Don’t forget to call your loved ones, take care of each other even from a distance :innocent:
And don’t neglect yourselves either. If you’re in need, there are new Corona-related local hotlines in almost every area.


Oh, one more. @konsei! I don’t know if you leveled up :sob:
Because of the name-change, my leaderboard doesn’t know what your old level was… But in any case, whatever you’re onto right now, be it life or Wanikani, I bet you’re rocking it!!


Thanks! And as the hour changed, I just leveled up to 59 - I can’t believe there’s only one more level!!

I went ahead and updated you to level 59 with me on the Olympics leaderboard because I couldn’t move myself above you when I know you’re ahead and inches away!!


I never show up in these for some reason so I’m gonna cheer myself on for getting to 32 :tada::tada::tada:


Have you tried using NHK News Easy? I found that it helped the most when applying textbook reading to real life native content.


Congrats for 32!
I usually congratulate only those that are on my leaderboard, since that is the only way to reliably spot level changes. I added you to mine now :notes:

I’ve noticed that it is posiible to sneak into leaderboards by just persistingly congratulating others on this thread… If someone knows that they are on someone’s leaderboard, it will motivate them to reciprocate. At least that is how I feel.


I love the leader board! I have mostly put people I talk with on it, without their knowing, secretly trying to catch up to those ahead of me, keep up with those around me and don’t lag behind :rofl:
And also keeping an eye on my friends progress, to see how they are doing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Half the people on my list are from around the time I joined 3 years ago :rofl:
Go sow turtles! :durtle:


Thanks for your message, it’s always nice seeing some suppo-
oh my


Pretty much, yeah. I put people on my leaderboard that I recognize, those that are sorta-active Olympians-posters, congratulate others or just post often in other threads. I didn’t mean to exclude anyone, I just try to keep my leaderboard in a state where I’m excited about every level up


Thank you @avalia! Big congrats to you and all your progress as well :sparkling_heart: Only one more level!!

To be honest, it feels strange to think I have less than ten levels to go. According to wkstats’ charts, apparently I’m supposed to be able to read 97% of kanji used on Twitter, 99% on NHK Easy, 97% on Wikipedia… though it doesn’t quite feel like I can.

Or rather, I definitely can’t comprehend as much as I feel like I should be able to by now, if that makes sense? It’s a little disheartening, but perhaps it’s a result of sorely lacking grammar skills that’s making me feel that way, and that’s my own fault.


Don’t be too hard on yourself, a language is more than just pure studying, I bet if you go out of your way to read and listen and watch as much japanese content as possible, you’ll get used to it in no time :muscle:

I had a series on netflix, scams, that I couldn’t understand anything of in the first episode but decided to stick with it as an experiment, by the second episode I already felt so much more comfortable with the weird yakuza-speech.
and this might just be my personal opinion but does grammar really need to be studied? our brains are so good at finding patterns and grammar is really regular for the most part… :see_no_evil: