Ok this is annoying

I’m here to learn kanji. That’s a lot of work.

I’ve just been given 7 kana vocab in a row. This is not helping me learn kanji. It is in fact getting in the way of helping me learn kanji.

We need to be able to turn this off. And we need it ASAP.


And this is the 78th thread on the same topic…


And still not enough


I wish I was smart enough to whip up a userscript to deal with this frustration.

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Gotta keep the fire going. When there’s a user reaction like that, companies usually wait for complaints to calm down and go away by themselves. Then they might do something about the problem if it doesn’t stop


WK may or may not be going the way of the BlackBerry


I actually like it, and I think it is important. Though I can understand why many of you don’t.

Maybe think of it this way… clearing through kana reviews only takes a few seconds. Just think of it as a couple 必勝 and a mental break. Maybe you will still find it annoying, but it’s just a few seconds.


Never too late to start learning.

Or you can spend less than 5 minutes working these kana words away. If you need more than that, then it was necessary.


Note to “hey just get over it, it’s only a few seconds” types: you need to check your ageism. For people in their mid-60s with diminishing memory capacity, those remarks are snide and hurtful.


Don’t be so sensitive…It is neither snideful or hurtful. How the hell could this be considered agism? I am up there with you age wise.


I’m glad the implemented kana words and hope they expand them - not knowing some of those words was one of the biggest pain points when I started to read actual Japanese texts. That being said I agree it would be nice to give people an opt-out for those who really don’t want them.

@hmapy I think the point of the previous poster was that, assuming your goal is to learn Japanese, either you know those words already, in which case it only takes a few minutes to get rid of them or you don’t, in which case they are worth memorizing as much, or sometimes even more, than kanji vocabulary.


The ability to opt out of the kana really can’t come soon enough. I just will stop doing new lessons until it arrives.


You can always just set your Lesson Ordering to “Ascending Level then subject”. This way you can focus on the kanji first, then slowly introduce vocabulary over the course of the entire level. That should be plenty of time to get these kana words out of the way. Besides, they are somewhat worthwhile.


There are lots of other sources for learning Kanji only … I came to learn Japanese, and thought kana-only vocab was notably missing. If one already knows all the kana words, but no Kanji, I can imagine it’s a bit annoying, but surely that’s fewer people than the ones who know nothing and are hoping to learn the language, period.


I agree with you. While the Kana that has been introduced are ones I know well, it doesn’t bother me because I literally go through them ALL in less than 30 sec. I focused on Kanji so much that I noticed I was unable to read some simple sentaces because I have been banking on Kanji and when they write the work in Kana only I blank out and have no idea what it says lol


Just add s as a synonym for all the kana words. They’re gone from my review cue in less than a second each. For all the people saying this addition is a good idea, why? These words are insultingly basic and strangely strewn across levels with seemingly no rhyme or reason. Like why are これ、それ, and あれ in three different levels? Most people learned these in like Unit 1 or 2 of any textbook. How about instead adding the over 100 kanji that WK doesn’t teach that are still considered Joyo Kanji?


That’s been why I haven’t been so down on it, its making my review time shorter. It’s kind of nice.

Agreed. I use the Tsurukame app to block out the kana only vocabulary.

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If you have iOS you want to get Tsurukame and go through that app through the flighttest app.

How does it work? Does it stop you from leveling up if you don’t see them? Or does it mark them correct for you?

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