Ok, another neko atsume thread

Context: The description of the normal food bag

Context Sentence:

My crappy translation:

The crunchy bag of food is not a luxury item
but the taste and the height are fairly successful


  1. What form is いけれど in? And what purpose does that form serve here?
  2. Is this an adequate translation? If not, what did I mistranslate

If you anticipate having a lot of questions from the same source, wouldn’t it make sense to keep them in one thread?


This is ない + けれど

けれど is like けど, but less casual


Ya know, you could post these all in one thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s ない+けれど

Well, I should’ve seen that coming when I saw Leebo typing…


“Taste and size”

Also, kinda confusing with multiple threads but that’s been mentioned. :wink:

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@Belthazar @alo
Yeah that makes more sense, is there anyway to combine them or should I just link them?

Just something to keep in mind for next time.

Mods probably have the ability to literally merge threads, but it’s not that urgent.

Yes, there is, by asking the @Mods to kindly to merge all your Neko Atsume threads. :slight_smile:

You also have the option of using the Short Grammar Questions thread and The quick or short Language Questions thread for the times you have questions which doesn’t need their own threads.


Heya! I see this post was created. Do you want us to still merge these together? If so, which posts and where do you want them merged to?

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I think that the OP made several posts about Neko Atsume, so checking their op profile you’ll likely get the list. (better than me trying). They apparently made 2 threads after this thread. And it’s a popular game. Other users might have questions as it’s possible to play it easily in Japanese mode/then switch to English. ^^

I’m not sure as to the MAIN post to be made so? just use discretion??

They named their threads similarly about “Neko Atsume”.

So, all of those should be merged. I think that’d be great as the creator later confessed to not thinking about it and even then made new threads on the same subject.

In any case, this i.phone app game “Neko atsume” might catch other WK users interest perhaps as it’s a game you might come across.

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I did end up making one more thread, but it’s going to be the main one that I and others can use for questions. I did put the list of all the threads there, so there doesn’t need to be any joining