"Nouns/な-adjectives need something before が or けど"

so I was doing bunpro and came across this:

I couldn’t find any reference to this rule.
Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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In cases like these, nouns and な-adjectives, you need to put a copula, like だ or です, before が and けど.


Conversely, for い-adjectives you don’t need to add anything.


so it’s a very specific rule (na/noun + ka/kedo needs da) or am I missing something bigger?

Just in general when you use those types of conjunctions like から、が、けど、し、with na-adjectives and nouns you’ll need to add da or desu. 嫌いだから、嫌いだし、嫌いだけど as opposed to i-adjectives which are okay on their own, 赤いから、赤いし、赤いけど etc.

There are some exceptions with grammar points like ので, where again i-adjectives remain unchanged but na/nouns add a な before the ので e.g, 嫌いなので, but it follows the same pattern where you need to add something before.

Does that kind of make sense?


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