Not beying able to write kanji

I’ve noticed that I have problems with writing kanji on paper.
I can recognize them when I see them or know when a word has them Included, but I don’t have the exact memory to write them on my own.
I suppose there won’t be many scenarios when I’ll have to write kanji on paper, but should I be worried about forgetting them in the future?


This is because recognition (reading) is a different skill than recall (independently bringing them up from your memory). Both must be practiced, which is why many community members have made apps like KameSame or KaniWani to practice the other half.

Writing, along with speaking is perhaps the best way to practice the skill of recall. If you haven’t practiced it then it is no surprise you are struggling to write them down :slight_smile:


There has occasionally been discussion of this. The general consensus is that there are so many things to learn with Japanese, writing may have to be put off until later or even not at all. Many Japanese adults can barely write kanji either anymore.
But if you want to learn and enjoy writing, there are many resources here end elsewhere to practice each day. And practicing writing will probably help your recall a bit too.
Grammar, reading, listening, speaking, writing, kanji formal and informal language. Current slang. So much to learn with Japanese. You need to decide if there is a place for handwriting.
Just get competent at hiragana add katakana first, then decide if you want to go from there.


I second this. I haven’t even learned how to write kana and i don’t feel losing out on much.

To expand on this a bit, the reason for this is because on a computer, you can literally write any character that you know the pronuncuation of, so there’s no need for the specific recall aspects. In modern Japan, most people only hand-write things when they’re at school, in formal situations, or when they’re filling out paperwork.


You don’t have to, but it’s fun.


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