No "strikethrough" markdown?

Although not in the original markdown specs. It’d be nice if this text had a strikethrough applied to it.
(when posting, it doesn’t)

See GitHub’s use: Basic writing and formatting syntax - GitHub Docs
See Slack’s use: Format your messages | Slack

I personally prefer the double tilde use, but I don’t really mind either way.

Update: Thanks to @Kumirei and @carloswaldo for beating reminding me about HTML.
To bad it’s not markdown though.

I agree, we can do HTML strikethrough, though


Ugh, you beat me to it

@Kumirei but hoooowww? :sob:

Edit: never mind… you said HTML strikethrough. (I didn’t read your post properly…)


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Sadly <span style="ccccccc">comment</span> does not work. Smart enough to stop me from shoving in my on CSS magic.

Yeah, not all tags work. Can’t even choose font size, as far as I’m aware

some stuff works

but not the good stuff

<span style="color: #ccc"></span>



We’ll have to be satisfied with what we have, I guess.

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Yeah discourse it very limited as to what it allows for CSS out of the box. I believe these settings can change, but I see the sense in not allowing me to put size 120 font into a post. Apparaently it needs to be readable on ALL platforms…

Oh wait…



This is more of a concern with Discourse than us. Everyone has their own opinion of how to approach Markdown. I recommend doing a PR with the Discourse project :slight_smile:

Have no idea if this is anything. (Probably should go to sleep.) But, if I read this correctly, there’s a way to whitelist certain css properties?

That is correct. I’ve tried it, and it fails.
I think I also tried <\u> for underline, and it failed.

Yeah. I didn’t even know you couldn’t underline, although I don’t miss it.

Discord have a great run down of markdown use in posts.

There are other fish tags in the ocean H2O

How about a mix?

FW* = 0.5・cW・v2・A・ρ

F<sub>W</sub><sup>*</sup> = 0.5・c<sub>W</sub>・v<sup>2</sup>・A・ρ

just kidding.

and the strikeout doesn’t work, not even in their guide. Markdown doesn’t have this tag originally, but the kramdown has it. Maybe it can be changed to that in the Discourse settings, I dunno.

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It’s also sad that the ruby tag doesn’t work.

  漢 <rp>(</rp><rt>Kan</rt><rp>)</rp>
  字 <rp>(</rp><rt>ji</rt><rp>)</rp>

That’s right.

A pity. I’m glad that Wordpress recently decided to support ruby tags.

I really wish this one works somehow or another. It is supposed to work like furigana, right? Should be useful in Japanese forum.

<ins>text</ins> seems to work, but it adds a green background as well :thinking: