Newbie, How to use the site?

Just started here. I passed NLPT2 years ago but have not been formally studying, speak pretty fluently. I’ve learned a lot through absorption since then but newspapers and documents like business contracts are a challenge. I want to do NLPT1. Tried some online practice questions, definitely not ready.

Not sure how to use the site. I keep getting the same items in reviews it is too easy. Just power through? I do NOT know all my radicals and I can see challenges ahead but for now it is little boring.

Have you read the FAQ and the guide?

WaniKani Knowledge | What is WaniKani? How do I do this and that? What is life? Find the answers here.
What is WaniKani? | WaniKani Knowledge
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The first couple of levels are much slower than the later ones. You just have to wait it out for a bit but sooner than you think you will be drowning in reviews and wish it would slow down again :wink:

And no, you can’t skip ahead or test out of items or anything like that.


I’d certainly just try powering through! It is a bit slow at first, especially if you know the basic characters, but once you get a little further on it does get more complex. Unfortunately yeah, the first few levels can be pretty slow going!

But you definitely will get the same few items for quite a while. When you get the radical up to “Guru”, it will start teaching you kanji based on that radical, and when you get a kanji to Guru you will start getting vocab based on that kanji! It makes sense after a bit, I promise!

Just stick with it and you’ll soon have the time of your life learning with the Crabigator!

Might have been a good idea to use the trial levels before you paid for the site if you think you’re approaching N1 level.


Honestly there may be a better option for you than WK if you’ve already passed N2. It’s a great site, but it’s definitely targeted towards people who don’t know many kanji. It will take a long time before you’re learning new things, so you may want to check out other resources

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Links are:
What is WaniKani? | WaniKani Knowledge
WaniKani Knowledge | What is WaniKani? How do I do this and that? What is life? Find the answers here.

@irrelephant the forum tries to create these boxes when you put a link on a new line, it tries to scan the content. For the WK page this fails because it seems to need to log in first to see the FAQ, but the forum cannot do this. In result all your links are changed to the login page … Either put all together on one line or start with a space.

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My JLPT 2 certificate is from…1993.
Does that qualify as a prerequisite to "チャレンジ” N1?

I hear it is much more difficult now.

I would say you probably know better than me if you’re ready to try N1. I can say that if kanji is your biggest weakness, wanikani is a good option. But if you already know almost all of the N2 kanji, then you’ll spend quite a bit of time going over material you already know

The old level 2 is roughly equivalent to N2. Old level 1 and N1 correlate, but N1 covers slightly more advanced stuff.

You can also check the sample questions available on the JSPS website and see how you feel about it.

The biggest jump between N2 and N1 was the length of the reading section. Whether you use WK, you should read A LOT to prepare for that.

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