Newbie here, give me your tips

Try not to have more than 100 aprentice words (or the workload will be hard). And do it continiusly, but in your own time, i recomend to wait a bit with lessons if you feel overwhelmed.

If someone’s goal is to write, KaniWani or KameSame are useful because it’s all about recall. If you just want to be able to read Japanese though, WK and Bunpro (and a good dictionary) are fine. Three separate SRS systems was too much for me!

don’t review critical condition items before starting a review, review critical condition items AFTER starting a review.

you’re messing with your SRS a bit by doing what you’ve suggested.

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Hmm… seems to make them stick for me and hasn’t messed with my SRS from what I can tell… everyone learns differently and it’s taken several trial and error processes to get where I am now with learning things at a decent pace. Even when they come up later on, I have pretty good recall.

What works for one, may not work for another.

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