Struggling a little

Hey, so I’m finally lvl 2 in Kanji :grin:. I’m happy because I’m enjoying learning Japanese (so far I know it’ll get harder), but I’m struggling with a finding learning plan(?).

Do you learn new kanji everyday, every week, or every month?
How do you/what do you do to practice your kanji when you’re not on WaniKani?



Woo! Congrats on Level 2!

I schedule my reviews for three times a day: 8AM, 2PM, and 8PM. If I can’t get to all three, it’s not a huge issue, but I like having set times to sit down and work through my reviews.

I do 20 lessons a day (if I have any available) on top of that, but you can choose however many you like. When you hit a level like you just did I’m sure you saw a HUGE pile of lessons waiting for you full of new radicals, kanji, and vocab. Don’t feel pressured to do them all at once, and only do your lessons when your review pile is clear.

In addition to Wanikani I am working through Japanese From Zero Book 2 as well as Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide.

Your learning plan is entirely up to you but you should aim for a bit of reading, writing, listening, and speaking if you can every day.


Just push “lessons”

  • Do few lessons every day, 10-20 is fine to start, maybe less later when kanji become more difficult, and reviews will take to much time.

  • Bring number of reviews to zero every night.

  • Browse this forum for information what to do extra (grammar, reading, listening, other SRS systems, userscripts, etc).

I only started feeling WK a bit difficult at level 5, and slowed down in terms of lessons. Now at level 11, it’s a serious work to keep up with ~8-15 lessons per day, studying grammar, and attempting to read manga in Japanese. Forum covers all those aspects of full language learning. Tofugu blog also has a guide (something like “ridiculously detailed guide to learning Japanese).

Good luck!


In a sense you dont strictly need a learning strategy for wanikani, but you can certainly control the workload, and manage leeches in various ways.

I dont start a level unless i have less than x (110 at the moment for me) apprentice items when there are no remaining lessons from the previous level. After starting this it became a little more manageable here at the halfway point, since im also focussing on Bunpro, lots of reading, japanese-subbed anime and games in japanese (not to mention my real studies and work)
However once my criteria for starting a new level is complete i just empty my lesson folder.
I also use the leech trainer script (it sorta works but i still mess up some of my leeches now and then)

Im a big proponent of learning by doing, so i try to consume as much native content as i can while following my wanikani and bunpro strategies. This is a really big factor in reinforcing kanji for me, and overall improving my understanding of the language.
I dont mind reducing time spent on wanikani or bunpro, but im not giving up my reading time.
NHK easy while commuting for work (i live on campus so no time when going to lectures)
Light novels before sleeping
More light novels when going on longer trips by train/bus
Anime with JP subs or games when there is time to kill.
Getting into the habit of consuming is tough at first tho, but greatly rewarding once you get over the initial difficulties.


I tend to just do my reviews whenever they become available, if possible. Until level 10 I had been doing all my lessons after level-up (bad idea, don’t try) but I’m currently toying with a ‘day one radicals, day two kanji, day three and up vocab’ system. I honestly don’t do too much kanji practice outside of WK, as I find it quite sufficient. You might want to try using a textbook like Genki or Tae Kim’s outside of WaniKani, or something like BunPro for grammar and anti/kitsun for additional vocab. Read manga if possible, too. Try anime for conversational Japanese. I’m still putting off working on all that, but that should easily be sufficient.
And the Crabigator has taken over my life and will be angered if I learn kanji outside of WK.

Honestly, just choose an amount of minutes per day that’s appropriate for you, start a timer and go for it. If you finish your reviews and there’s time left over, do some new lessons!

Just show up every day that’s all that really matters.

says the forum member who’s been on level 09 for a year


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