New Web App: WaniKaniExplorer

I spent all week with Shiny/R and a bunch of data.  Looks like you spent you time well. 
Thanks for the app!  It informed me that I had changed Sects!

So that’s fun. I had thought about getting level data, and pct correct for current level or such thins as a summary. Also a check box on the column end selects to allow persistence when switching tabs, would be nice.

Annnnnnd it’s out of bandwidth? Is the only place you can freely host this, in terms of platform? I’d of thought google apps would be more appealing, even under their free package.

To late for the party, it seems…

I just tried out the app and it appears to be working now.  However, just literally rolled out their paid plans and started enforcing the usage limits on the free accounts.  The app hit the limit pretty quickly, but they seem to have reset things now, and the app should be up for a bit longer until the limit is hit again.  Ugh… (but I understand, they need to make money on the great work they’re doing).

My plan is to get my own hosted server and roll the app out there.  It will take me a little bit to get everything in place, but I hope to get this done very soon.  This should enable me to better cache results and persist data across user sessions as well.

Thanks again to everyone for your interest in the app, and I’ll do my best to roll it out again very soon with better functionality based on your feedback.

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Kaimera said...
ShotgunLagoon said...probably shouldn't share your api key on the forums like that
 Give me a good reason why. It's a GET request, none of my data is editable AFAIK. Even Koichi's API key is available on these forums freely.
You guys are paranoid.
No, someone can use it to access content they haven't paid for via the many third party apps available. 
Tell Koichi and Viet not to publicly post their keys then. Not me. Them. I have seen no rules forbidding me from doing this. You are not WK staff.

You're providing a strawman argument. Kanji and readings are not copyright to WaniKani/Tofugu. It's public domain, they don't own the language, as much as I'm sure they'd like to. Mnemonics, audio and the SRS software is not accessible with an API key alone. One would require using a premade export tool or coding their own and even then having some knowledge as to how to format and utilize the Kanji/reading data from WK to begin with. How many people are that tech literate or bothered? Very few I would presume.
Wow, what is wrong with you? I'm not even the original person you were talking to, there is no need for that hostility. You asked for a reason, I gave you one. Chill out.