New to wanikani.Any tips?

I have finished n5 to n3 in shirimono, it is a srs for grammar,

so far it is overwhelming, so many things and so many ways to say the same thing makes grammar really crazy sometimes lmao

people usually recommend bunpro here but I dont want to stick to another paid srs, I could start minimizing my movitation. Shirimono at least I am using because it is free so far.

  1. I recommend you install scripts to keep track and test your leeches. I found one of the most demotivating aspect long term is to see items you keep failing over and over again, so be proactive. Set yourself a limit of 20-30 leeches, and if you reach that limit, review them all and create better mnemonics for them. If you let them grow to 50-70, leeches alone may make up a third to half of your reviews, so kill those leeches with prejudice.
  1. Keep going. Sometimes, I keep confusing an item when it’s still in apprentice but the moment I guru it once, I get to see a ton of vocabulary about this item, which reinforces it. Sometimes, I found the best way to learn a difficult kanji is to cheat and guru it once, just to see it more in-context.
  2. Have fun. The moment you’re no longer having fun, it’s a warning sign you should tweak something or the other. You’ll be doing this for a long time, so don’t make things more difficult than they need to be. Just relax, tailor your experience with the scripts that work for you, join book clubs, and allow yourself to have a good time on your journey
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If you’ve got an Android phone get the Flaming Durtles app. It’s a massive improvement over the stock WK website if you’re studying/reviewing on a smartphone. There should be an equivalent for iPhone too if you’re an Apple user.

Lots of good tips already. So I’ll give you another one, more in regards to the community forum:

  • use a space after punctuation marks (e.g. commas and periods)!
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There were many good tips already and for me the most important one is: do it on your own pace. But I just want to add another one (at least I haven’t seen it yet): Start with Kaniwani ( as well and early. It’s a companion site where you learn the vocabs the other way round from english to japanese. I started doing it only recently and boy did I miss out. Especially early on you are really tempted to do things like: Yeah, to suffice is just sufficient plus the hiragana, piece of cake. But when I started KW, it was like: erm, what hiragana specifically was it again??

Wow,I’didn’t expect so many tips and advices,thank you so much!
This community seems really awesome.
I read all comment and noted the tips you guys suggest me (they were a lot ^^)
Again,thank you for the comments,I’ll try to use them wisely :slight_smile:


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