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I think that’s the philosophy I should pick up.

Hi there everyone!

First time posting on the forums. Been slowly but steadily working my way through the beginnings of WK, and I’m roughly halfway through level 2.

I know this is still early, early days, but I feel like while I’ve conquered a considerable amount already, I don’t really feel like I ‘know” anything. I don’t know if that makes much sense, but like I don’t feel like I’m yet accomplished in terms of kanji comprehension and knowledge.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Hello hello, welcome!

Definitely! I experienced that on two different levels, so to speak.

First, the simple fact that it takes a lot of repetition for something new to really settle well into your long-term memory. Even up to Master in the SRS is very little exposure to a new word, if you compare it to how many times you’ve seen words in your native language.

Secondly, there was learning words in a vacuum for a while. When I started, my vocab pool was non-existent, and my grammar knowledge somehow managed to be less-than-non-existent. That meant I couldn’t place the words in the proper context through native exposure.

It feels very different when you get further along, and you start reading/hearing/using the words like they’re supposed to be used. As you encounter usage after usage, things cement much better as your brain has many examples that it can draw from, rather than that one, tenuous mental link of a WK lesson.

I’d say what you’re feeling is perfectly normal, and rather unavoidable, but you’ll get there if you persevere! Best of luck! :muscle:


Thank you so much for such a thoughtful reply!

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