Need tips on how to continue

I agree with what others have said about getting a grammar book! Personally I use Genki textbook + workbook and I like it, but it’s definitely a textbook meant to be used in the classroom. I have heard good things about Minna no Nihongo as well. If you don’t want to spend money I’m pretty sure you can find a PDF of Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide available online (I particularly like the explanations of the grammar points in this one). Some people use an SRS software like Bunpro or an Anki deck along with their grammar book which you might consider as well.

Here are a couple of resources lists that I have used in the past in case they might be helpful:

^Also please don’t feel like you have to do everything in the google doc because it’s very detailed and lengthy. When I started out, I found some of the links useful for learning about the language, but once I figured out a study system which worked for me I pretty much never looked at it again LOL

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