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Hi all! I wonder if you can help me. I’m heading to Japan in April (yay!) and want to make reservations at a herbarium workshop, but before I do I want to ask the organiser if we’d be able to make herbariums with sakura in them.


Is this right or is there a something missing?


I don’t really know anything about herbariums. Would you be planting sakura? Is that the right way to phrase it?


The verb for “to plant” or “to raise (a plant)” is える.

Then you need ことが before できる to make it “can ______”

If you want to use “make” I would change the structure up.



Thank you for your help!

Herbariums are a way of preserving flowers in jars so I’m thinking the verb would still be make?

Okay then… 桜でハーバリウムを作ることができますか

Can you make a herbarium with sakura?

Or 桜を使ってハーバリウムを作ることができますか


aaa thank you!!

Btw, just some specifics on the grammar: it’s grammatically incorrect to use できる immediately after a verb. You can use it right after a noun sometimes if it’s a する verb, but verbs have a their own conjugation for that. Or you use the specific phrase ことができる.

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Thanks for the info!

For anyone wondering, this is a herbarium:

I was completely picturing something like a terrarium, and was wondering how you planned to fit a whole tree.

Oh gosh i didn’t think to link the workshop >.<

So the herbariums they advertise look like this:

And the link to the workshop is here :

They also have links to it on TripAdvisor and Airbnb


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