Names/definitions should be editable

(this issue has been resolved)

Kind of absurd that WK forces weird names of radicals. E.g., 可 - “Lip ring” is the WK definition only? Why force us to memorize this in this way? Why not name it mouth hook? Lips and mouth are not the same thing… ring and hook… etc. And referring to it as the “lip ring” radical in Japan makes me sound like a lunatic

You can add synonyms of radicals:

I don’t know if that’s still the case, but you were only forced that particular definition through the lesson. Afterwards you can add these synonyms to more ‘intuitive’ associations.


ah. thanks

If you wanted to refer to it verbally in Japanese, you’d probably say something like 「可能性」の「か」.


Yeah, mentioning radicals in the first place might you get looked at like a lunatic


You might find the thread linked below a useful read in terms of explaining what radicals (in the context of WK are and are not) and how they are used.

Also useful, for understanding radicals as WK uses them is the following article.