My thoughts, tips, and ramblings after reaching level 60 — long post


I just want to complain about words like 怠慢 and 怠惰 both fucking radicals mean “lazy” and yet they mean different things and ive been getting this shit wrong for months. i think my brain is just unable to continue remembering


Thank you so much for this post. I’ve only started off with wanikani last week, and I had doubts, but I cannot believe how much progress I’ve made since starting, and it’s awesome to see a post from someone so much farther along!


Nailbat is now fingers btw


“fingers” has some awesome potential for mnemonics, but they’d be NSFW


That is crazy, I just got into WaniKani and after reading your story I am inspired to do the same


Thank you. I read your whole post. For me mnemonics work sometimes. A lot of the time I end up learning a kanji only, so that’s fine. I am only level one, and have previous experience with Japanese (3 years in high school, one semester in college). My grammar is OK and I have retained most of my Japanese from half a life ago, maybe because I have always had a smartphone, operating system, game console, and any game in Japanese menus. My weakness has always been kanji, as I never actively learnt any Japanese after that one college course, but did learn Spanish conversationally and dabbled a bit in Korean (reading the ‘alphabet’ only) and Cantonese (speaking only).

I have been on level one for for several days and noticed you flew by yours. Maybe it takes longer to start out at the moment. One test told me to wait seven days. I am excited to push my Japanese past the N5/N4 level I’ve been stuck at forever.

(my fave kanji word is 天邪鬼)


same here, restarting wanikani from scratch after a 3 year break. Good luck :slight_smile: