Descent of the Durtle into eGoooott - NOW AT B8!

As it turns out, Discourse replaces double dashes with an en-dash.

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Figured it wasn’t actually a clue. That’s interesting though. So Regular Durtle actually wrote --?

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Actually, I just checked, and no… if you quote a-regular-durtle, it doesn’t show --. It is indeed an en-dash.

(still not saying it means anything, though)

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In another thread, I found the perfect gif to represent our descent to Durtle Heaven:


I actually thought that was posted in this thread

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May have been and I missed it. But I just now saw it [here].

It wasn’t posted in here, I just saw it there and figured I was in this thread because of the gif

Huh. I just earned the “Harbinger of Impending Durtle Badge” for this post. Does that mean I was on the right track?

How did you cause that? Given that the last clue was “you don’t need any clues, you’ve got it already”, we were going to have to muck around in what we’d already done anyway.

Good lord, what a blessing that would be.


If you didn’t have it already, he probably just noticed. If you got it a second time, that’s suspicious. We determined the first round of giving that out had nothing to do with being on the right track.

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Based on what the badge says, I feel like it could mean either “you’re close (and that’s not a good thing, in-lore)” or “ha, you thought you had it but you didn’t, you clearly dont belong here”

Earlier I mentioned I was going to look through all the posts and compile every idea I could find, and I just kind of forgot and didn’t. I hoped you weren’t trying to pick up the slack (though I know you did it more thoroughly than I would :upside_down_face:)

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^ ^^ ^  ^^  ^^ ^ ^  ^^^   ^



(edited to add:)
Genki Textbook I


It probably means something. Only 19 people have it. I don’t

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Not entirely sure it would be, because it’s a theory that wasn’t really working, and which didn’t really fill me with joy anyway.

Nah, this is my first. Still, it kinda looks like the Harbinger character from Cabin in the Woods. Or is he just a generic horror movie staple rather than a specific reference?

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Hm. It’s also strange that he would suddenly notice Belthazar but not any number of other people here lately. Should we go back and see if there’s a theme? I got it for simply “ok now you guys got me interested. Im at B2”


Yeah, I think it’s a horror trope. The Go back! Go back! foreshadowing. The protagonists never listen.

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Ah, here we are. The Creepy Gas Station Attendant trope. Amusingly, the page image is the guy from Cabin in the Woods.

(Warning: TV Tropes link - handle with care.)

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Waiting patiently for rfindley to rearrange kana half-syllables :smile:
I’ll try the last line.


My problem is, even if we could match 1, 2 and 4 to the URLs we think they might correspond to, and can somehow figure out which one 3 relates to, how does that help us? Because then we’d be back to getting nowhere with the book ciphers. I kinda think we need the solution to this puzzle to be something that helps with the book ciphers, or else it’s the solution to B3, and the B4 text helps with the book ciphers.

But honestly, that could all just be wishful thinking.

just joining the party late because I just started on wanikani last week haha - want to say amazing work so far I’ve loved reading through all the background to catch up over the past couple of days. I think we can do it