My N3 Study Log! Burnout Recovery Gooooo!

Thank you for the invite! I love having study buddies, so I’ll check it out!

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Thank you!! Welcome back to you too :blush:

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Woo! Welcome back! Excited to hear about how things are going <3

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Kanji Review of the day are…

So far the first “week” of the Soumatome Kanji book are still easy-peasy-ingrained-in-my-memory
I know once I get near the end of the book it’ll be more difficult, especially with look alike kanji.

On another note, I’ve been watching and rewatching over and over the same episode of a drama and the script is stuck in my head like a song! I think it’s a good way to remember native sounding phrases.


Movin on to day three!
Feeling tired today, not much motivation to do anything. But I asked myself, “How about studying a little?” and HERE I AM!

Today I will review:

There’s some look alikes in this batch! I’ll be extra careful in memorizing their differences.