My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )

I remember when you started participating on the forums. I have this idea of you knowing more Japanese than me while being a lower level and I was like: damnnn I need to step up my gameee!! This to say that you’re someone I look(ed) up to :heart:

Thank you so much for your lovely words, they mean a lot of me :tomato: :heart_eyes: I promise to treasure tomatoes for all eternity :heart:

OMG :heart_eyes: haha! Well, I’m totally okay with being your knight, just let me know :kissing_heart:

Hey, don’t feel bad about your progress. That progress existed and it’s there for you to take. No need to feel bad about our differences in progress either. Just know that if I did it, you can do it too. We’re both human. That same progress awaits you :relaxed::v:

Thank you for the kind words :heart: Can’t wait to see you up here :wink:

It’s a weird habit of me :v::laughing:

You’re doing great, no worries :relaxed: Thanks for leaving such a lovely message :heart:


Yeah, I took a while sorry xD I wanted to have everything prepared (guide included), but life happened D: Much like I took too much time to answer back even though you congratulated me feels twice as guilty :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you :heart:

Hey :relaxed: First of all, I want to thank you for your heartfelt message. It means a lot to me, it really does! Knowing that I was able to connect with you guys only makes me keep wantimg to move forward and do more! So thank you! I’ll treasure your post :relaxed:

I wasn’t always the “charismatic” guy. I was so shy that my nickname from high-school is “shy” itself. But hey, I tried to improve myself and something did happen :relaxed: So whatever demons you’re fighting, make sure to give all you’ve got. You don’t deserve any less than that. You deserve to be fought for :v::wink:

Thank you once again.

Thank you so much! It goes both ways! You guys help me more than you imagine :relaxed:

Heeeey smartieee! Thanks for leaving me a message :relaxed: Hope that one day you’re able to subscribe to WK! I wanna see you climbing those levels!! :muscle::sunglasses:


This is probably (and will be) my favorite thread on the forums. Everyone’s so happy and sentimental and poetic and STILL being inspired/encouraged by the amazing WK Life Coach @jprspereira. ;w; -happy tears- sniff


JP skipped me. :confused: … he never would’ve done this at level 06; but now that he’s 60, he just forgets about us like that… grabs @Katznelson’s hand, let’s get out of here.


Had to skip most of the comments because of da feels :sob::raised_hands::sweat_smile: congrats though!

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Hey toafk! :relaxed: Thanks for leaving a message! Hope we get to know more of each other from now on and that you enjoy your Wanikani journey :relaxed: Cheers!

You’re a beaast :scream: And I’m jealous :laughing: Well, no matter the end result, you did great and you should be proud :relaxed: Enjoy your trip to Japan for me plz :v::laughing:

Great minds think alike :wink:

I tried Anki several times, but always ended up giving up. Now, I’m just finishing the last lessons and I’ll be going full force on Kitsun. It’s currently on closed beta, but I was fortunate enough to be part of it. I can already see that this project will be like if Anki and Memrise had a child. If you have yet to check it out, please do! :wink: The creator is a hard working guy. If you get the chance you join the beta, you’ll be able to import the 6k/10k deck easily. The creator is developing a community shared decks function where you’ll easily be able to find a deck you want to learn and use it right away.


No joke, I’ve got that forum post bookmarked but I hadn’t realized it’s closed beta :frowning:
I’m definitely interested in finding something more user-friendly than Anki though, so I’ll try it out if I can.


I’m okay with leeches. At least half of them are just temporary leeches, so… I’ve been using the leech training script, but not consistently. Might fix that now that I have more time.

It’s insane how the number of reviews/days takes so long to go down right :scream::scream:

I have around 100 lessons, 200 reviews and 80 apprentice. Probably around 10 to 15 days to get it to 0. I’ll also add my 2000 reviews on KW to the game cuz I need to get rid of them :joy: Didn’t do them during the fast levels :sweat_smile:

Make your registration on the website and let them know that you’re really interested in participating. That’s all I can say :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Congratulations!! What a nice feeling it must be after going for a year with the hectic rythm you were progressing.
I would say it’s your moment to calm down then, drink some sake and eat that cake :yum:

I was following that crazy 7 days per level routine for a while, so I can (only) guess what kind of review pile was waiting for you everyday, no matter how diligent you were the days before :sweat_smile:

I’ll be glad to hear what kind of routine you’ll get into now… I’ve found there’s the switch from SRS style learning to immersion… So far WK is one of those items I’m waiting to conquer in order to do more immersion and gradually forget that I’m learning japanese, as much as I enjoying some stuff that happens to be in japanese.

Glad you made it! :cake::cake:

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The Anki hate is real! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Viva la Kitsun!


Tightly clasps @Gsai’s hand lead the way :heart_eyes:


Also, congrats Jpr! (albeit a few days late)


H-hey hey everyone! Did you hear? JP is level 60! We should all congratu-


This user started on WK 8 days after me last year and has reached max level already. I am only level 10. What does that mean? I’m his senior of course! Ok ok, I’m just joking there. It really means…

…that everyone has their own pace and as long as you continue to try and never give up, you too can reach for the stars and touch them some day!

Congratulations JP and enjoy the rest. :smile:


Still waiting… :man_shrugging:

jk take your time, looking forward to the 先生’s guide :heart_eyes::durtle_love:


This is something im curious about… what syndrome could it be?
I might discover it myself when i hit that level

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Yeah I just hit it and I’m also curious… I only feel joy and despair in equal amounts, @jprspereira 先生 is that normal :joy: ?

Edit: STATUS UPDATE I now know what この番組は ご覧のスポンサーの提供でお送りします means and WK reminded me of 二女一杯. Joy and despair all over again.


I was only able to find you because you were there showing me the way to your heart to that same wisdom. Thank you for being so passionate and for helping me raise the bar to the next level :heart:

No, thank you for making me reach the climax of the Japanese language. I can’t wait to see you in here, next to me, at level 60. :couple_with_heart_man_man:

How couldn’t I share the love when I’ve met so many beautiful people in here? I was only able to love because that’s what I saw in all of you :sparkling_heart:

Of course we will. A relationship like the one we have is destined to bring us together, forever.

Adoro-te daqui até à lua,
Tuo amore.


Thank you so much Cara :black_heart: So sorry that I took this long to answer back

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes, I will. I’m trying to reorganize my vocab and grammar study now. Then I’ll focus on listening/reading and finally on learning how to hand write kanji :stuck_out_tongue: So sorry that I took this time to thank you! I wanted to actually sit down and appreciate your message :slight_smile:

Thank you :heart:

The cool thing about inspiration is that it goes both ways :wink: You too are an inspiration to me, never forget that :slight_smile: Again, so sorry for taking this long to answer back. Had University exams, so life was kinda overwhelming :frowning:


Best graduation present :heart_eyes: Thank you and so sorry for only replying now! Life got in the way :slight_smile:

Appreciate it my friend! Don’t you dare giving up, okay? I wanna see you up here too :stuck_out_tongue: So sorry that I’m only replying now :frowning:

Hey, so sorry for only replying today. I so appreciate your words! I’m glad we were able to be in the same class indeed :wink: We all did great and I’m extremely proud of us :v::slight_smile: Just 1 more level, you can do ittttt!!! 飛べ~!