My journey of 2315 days (dedicated to all slow-goers out there)

Congratulations @quadban! You’re a legend, no doubt about it. I’ve been thinking about my similar slow pace for a while now. It’s a bit like trying to lose weight isn’t it? When you fall of the wagon, just try again tomorrow and pick up where you left off? :slight_smile: …Only this is like a wagon of knowledge that you keep piling things on top of :grin: until the wheels crack and the wood starts to creak dangerously :sweat_smile: Anyway. Huuuuge respect for your accomplishments, and the fact that you didn’t let life get in the way of your personal goals. Just awesome! Enjoy your Japanese superpowers, you sure did earn them! :trophy:


That’s awesome! I definitely know the feeling of a long journey for Japanese.


Congratulations on 60 :tada::tada::tada:

Well, there are a couple of threads about taking it slow, but if you mean level 60 celebration threads, I think the reason is simply… that they aren’t done yet.
As you said, you joined early on, so anyone in the same situation as you, but who started 2 years ago will need another 4 years until they can make a post :slight_smile: They are still in the queue, like enlightened items.
As time goes on, I think (hope?) that the balance will get restored and we’ll see threads on the whole spectrum :blush:




Nice. Well done! I thought you would get buried by the SRS system on a timeframe like that but this gives me hope.

I’m in a similar boat to you. I just had my second child five weeks ago! They obviously do what they want and don’t even let the circadian rhythms dictate their schedule! My eldest is two and a half, a lousy sleeper and a handful all day! Pretty much zero free time!

I’m currently on paternity leave but I’m actually hoping I can get a bit more proflic with my studies when I get back to work next week. Lunch breaks, downtime, personal space… I think I remember these things existing outside the house!


Hooray! Congratulations @quadban - I’ve been keeping my eye out for a thread like this. My pace is pretty slow but it is encouraging to see you have made it to level 60! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :high_touch:


congrats :slight_smile:
most people who go slow stop at some point and never come back. some definitely go on and will eventually reach 60, but that’s still in the future. there might even be some who look at you and shake their head, mumbling something about young people these days having no patience, hehe :slight_smile:

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@Naphthalene Thanks and congrats yourself on the fairly recent 60 (at least I think I remember seeing you in upper 50s some months back)! And you’re right! I have seen a couple threads here and there about taking it slow. Maybe part of it is self consciousness that makes me feel like everyone mainly talks about going fast all the time :slight_smile:, and part of it is that slower folks are still trudging along like you said. I also hope those people can make it as time goes on!

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There were some blocks of time where I really did no WK. I think I got up to 800+ reviews at least once. But even during the super slow levels I tried to do reviews as I was able, even just 50 a day. There were periods where I’d just try to keep the queue below 300 :slight_smile: and slowly chip away over days and weeks.

Congrats on the 2nd child! That’s super exciting. I have another one coming along in a few months too, which also helped motivate me to finish before that time… I agree and think that studying is a bit easier once you go back to work. Best of luck to you.


I remember you too, being in the same situation. It’s amazing that we joined WK about one week apart, and reached 60 also a week-ish apart :slight_smile:

And congrats for your second kid as well :smiley: (and good luck :wink:)


I slowed right down, although I could learn a lot faster, it was remembering these words in everyday life that made me slow down. It was a concious choice. Although I could learn them all, to recall them and use them as part of my everyday Japanese vocab was becoming impossible. Has anyone else found this? Or do you just keep on going? Someimtes it does feel too slow though, and I just want to get through it again. It is hard ot get the time though. Congrats on reaching level 60 yo.

Glad the new chart puts resets in. I’m around where I reset before so the old chart just shows me having been at this level for hundreds of days, lol.

All of you folks making these awesome tools and resources should be putting up coffee donation buttons at least so we can toss you a few dollars.


100th like!


And you deserve it - so dedicated!
(also congrats on your son figuring out that nighttime is for sleeping :sleeping:)


These kind of post are necessary.

Thank you for encouraging everyone
And congratulations!!


Congratulations and thank you for making this thread! I am at 1596 days and just today deactivated vacation mode (I never find time for anything in December). Getting a huge motivation boost from your thread is a great New Year present.

I wish you all the best in your further Japanese journey.



Thank you for your post it’s really inspiring. I’m averaging about a lvl per month so at this rate, it’s going to take me five years to finish WK. I try not to think too hard about that and focus on the here and now. My Japanese friend told me “little and often fills the purse” so now that has become my mantra. :slight_smile:
Well congratulations on finishing WaniKani. I hope I reach that golden level too. またね。


Thank you for the response! Losing retention is my fear, but I think I will go about it the way you did because I’d lose motivation if I had to constantly reset everything.

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wow! great job!
I’m a snail myself. I’m still on level 3 after like a year and a half of being here. I’m have trouble with consistency which makes it go very slow. what with me forgetting to do any reviews for like 3 months. honestly I may have been here longer than that. ha. I want to finish level 3 this month but Im not confident.

Truly inspiring, I’m still getting used to attending once a week at this point due to work, but I am VERY busy atm. I hope I can start to do more without fizzling out too quickly!

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Haha… Real inspiration…