My experience so far

I have not tried Bunpo (or Bunpro), but from what I’ve heard from other people, websites like that can be good as practice/reinforcement, but aren’t as good for teaching the grammar concepts initially (unless paired with a textbook or another source of grammar). Of course, this depends a lot on the individual. You might have better or worse luck with them.

Personally, I’ve chosen to go the textbook route myself. I’m using Minna no Nihongo currently, and I really like it. Textbooks aren’t for everyone, either, but if you are interested in trying one, Tofugu has a list of beginner textbook recommendations.

There is also this thread on the forum with loads of resources, including for grammar, if you want even more options. However, it’s very easy to become paralyzed by the sheer number of choices available, so try not to worry too much about choosing the “best” option! As long as you find something that you’re able to stick with until you at least get through the beginning grammar, you’ll have a solid foundation to work from.

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