My declaration to have the Wanikani level 60 time record

Hey Crabigators!

I’m throwing my hat in the ring for the record for wanikani completion time.

Now, the fastest time possible to complete Wanikani is approximately 333 days.

I may have missed that mark a bit. I signed up in 2012, had life get in the way a few times and have abandoned WK for huge swaths of time.

BUT THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT. I’m going full steam ahead, and plan to finish sometime next year. At my current pace, I will have completed Wanikani in a record time of four thousand, four hundred, forty four days.


Hat thrown:



For 100% success in your endeavor, I recommend Smouldering Durtles, Anki mode turned on and just hit the green button. Good luck out there soldier!

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:rofl: it’s tempting. I’ve come close to missing the pass cutoff more than once. There’s nothing more stressful than the thought of a level up getting pushed back two days. In times like that, I lean on the strength of the friends that will be with me the whole journey. Friends like 交じる and 交わる. They’ve never burnt me, and likely, I’ll never burn them.


First of all, good luck in your endeavor, having a clear goal is a main factor of success! :smiley: You’re going to make it!

And you’re in great company! Those friends still follow me, along with 氏/民 and 科/料! :smiley:
Ahhhh, the friends we make along the way! It wouldn’t be that fun without them


Nah, if unsure, just hit the big red button.

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If unsure hit the green button twice as hard to show how unsure you are!

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I still have an unburned level 1 radical


Good lord, what is it? Prison?

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Challenge accepted. You’re gonna finish next year? At my current pace I’ll be done in 2026. :rofl:

Can someone explain how this works? I thought it wasn’t mathematically possible to do this because there are forced breaks in between the lessons? Can you somehow speed them up? Maybe I’m just misinformed but I thought you basically always need at least two years because of the way this program works.

Also to echo the posters above, I also always get 交じるand 交わる mixed up. And also 科 and 料. Seems we all share enemies.

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You can’t speed it up, 6 days, 20 hours is the fastest full level level up time.

But I’m not speeding it up, I’m just going to finish. After being in wanikani for just over 12 years. I’m not going for the fastest completion, but the slowest completion. Unless one of the dozens of people who signed up in 2011 finished in the last couple months, I’ll have that record on lock. 4444 days.

I will be THE TURTLE.


Yeah i realized that after commenting but I still don’t get how people do it in under a year. Do you have to get up in the middle of the night to do reviews?

Anyway! Good job on sticking through with it!


Yes that’s what those people do


You’ve got me beat. I signed up in 2015. Already blew it by reaching level 60.


I’ve been sticking to exactly 7 days a level, which would work out to ~350 days, no mucking about with sleep.

Monday 7AM, LEVEL UP, do all radicals. 11am… 7pm… Tuesday 6pm… Thursday 5pm, do remaining kanji… 9pm… Friday 7am… Saturday 7am

…Monday 7am, LEVEL UP,

rinse, repeat.

The kanji isn’t too bad, but the vocab can get a little oppressive. Sometimes I already know it, or the meaning is pretty intuitive… Sometimes it’s… Not.

I’ve been drinking vocab through a firehouse using jpdb, and it’s seemed to help with that a bit.

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As someone who joined mid-2019 and also abandoned WK and reset far too many times to count, I will join you on this venture! I’m tired of being disappointed in myself


lmao. I joined in 2017 so you have me beat by at least 5 years if we both get to 60 next year.

I joined 11/12/2014 and stayed focus until level 18ish… but, got side tracked and just picked it up again a few months ago… Hit level 30 a few days ago (woot!) and also plan to try to hit level 60 next year then do the expansion pack for the rest of the kanji

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Good luck! Just make sure to finish in the next two years, I don’t want anyone breaking my record :wink: