Murakami for beginners - 象の消滅 - The Elephant Vanishes

I just found this book and I think it’s a great introduction to Murakami for someone who is just starting to read Japanese: This book:


The title in English is The Elephant Vanishes. It’s a collection of short stories by Haruki Murakami.

What’s great about this book is that you get a couple of paragraphs in English, then the same paragraphs in Japanese, then the same paragrapahs in English again, with a few words underlined, and then the underlined words translated and explained in Japanese. I guess it’s meant as a book for Japanese people to understand how Murakami is translated to English. For me as a learner, it’s great to read a few paragraphs in English and then go directly to Japanese. Having the English text fresh in my mind means that I can easily understand the Japanese text, even if I don’t understand every word or every grammar point.

I hope this is useful for someone else!


Chiming in to mention that this book (as well as another book in the same series) is on sale for the next 17 days.

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