Motivation finally returns!

I don’t really know why I stopped using WaniKani, I am only on level 2 and the reviews aren’t really too much since I have lots of free time. I just skipped a day because I was too busy and the next day I thought “Meh, I had a break yesterday so I will have a break today too, I’ll do it tomorrow.” Then the next day I thought “Maybe I should just knock these reviews out tomorrow since it will be a Saturday.” Then the next day I forgot about WaniKani. A week later I notice WaniKani bookmarked on top of my toolbar and I thought “Ok I’m watching a Dangonronpa playthrough right now so I will wait until I have a day where I have literally nothing to do and then I will continue WaniKani.” Now it’s over two weeks later and I forgot about WaniKani (again) and then I got an email from WaniKani saying that I should get back into learning or at least they hope I am using a different learning site. For some reason that got me motivated to use WaniKani again. So here I am


It’s hard to establish a rhythm in the first few levels, but once you’ve got it, it’s a matter of just not skipping days. Even if you only have 5 mins to do 10 reviews, it builds a habit and that will make it easier to keep going!


Rhythm is definately key, like @rwesterhof said before. I had a weird schedule to start with, trying to do reviews multiple times a day, but once I just started doing them once every morning, I’ve kept my streak going and I do it really without thinking now, it’s just part of my day.

good luck :slight_smile:


Check your reviews as often as you check your feed. Commit to five minute segments and with time it can become a habit. Set goals. Guru is a word I strive to hear for every kanji and every vocab. I cannot rest until I reach Guru. Burned is a statement of real accomplishment and fuels my motivation to keep pushing forward because rarely do I feel confident enough to allow anything to get there unless I know it blind.

I believe in you!
You can continue to learn the kanjis, just keep going and you will see progress!

This is a post that I made about learning kanji and motivation, feel free to check it out!

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