Quitting, False Starts, Motivation and Perseverance

This post is about how it’s possible to overcome ridiculous review mountains and come back strong.

I started WaniKani in 2018 and chugged through it up to level 22 or so and then just got totally burned out. I think I missed a week somewhere and then struggled to catch back up and then just fizzled out and lost interest in learning Japanese. Throughout this time there was a constant, nagging voice demanding to learn more Japanese.

Finally, many months later I decided to start up again. I looked at how many reviews I had and despaired. I asked for and received a reset. I started back up again, and it felt good. I made it back to level 12 before the pandemic and multiple tragic personal things happened. I gave up again. For more than a year.

Finally, last year in September I received a HUGE dose of motivation, the likes of which I haven’t felt since I was a young man. I started back with Japanese learning in earnest. I picked up Wanikani and my review count was over 1700. Nevertheless, I persisted. I strove to push through at least 200 or 300 reviews a day. And I did it. It was rough, but I did manage to burn a whole lot of items. I remembered way more than I figured I would.

That motivation remains and I’ve finally pushed past my previous high level of 22 and am level 24 as I write this. My grammar studies have almost pushed into intermediate territory and I’m excited to join my first WK book club on the 22nd. I have a crazy long way to go to level 60, but I do feel like if I can push through 1700 reviews, I got this. Eventually.


You’re stronger than you think. Don’t forget this empowering sensation the next time you may feel discouraged and have fun!


You got this!

I can’t really say I pushed through yet, but I’m in the process of returning after a looong long break. I had vacation mode on so the backlog wasn’t that huge but of course I still forgot quite a bit and I’m cycling items down to apprentice. But it’s fun so far :slight_smile:


I only do WK with the Tsurukame app and I don’t think Vacation Mode is a thing there. Either way, I’m actually thankful for all the reviews as they were literally a GOOD REVIEW. lol :smiley:


Nothing wrong with motivation, but it’ll only get you so far. That’s why there’s so many people quitting and restarting all the time. Motivation should be a step to get you to a habit, once the habit has settled it’s hard to get rid of, even if you run out of motivation the habit is still there so you’ll do it anyway. Doing it consistenly for three months out to do it.