Most recent Japanese word you've learned?

My new favourite verb. I will never need to learn another verb again. This makes life complete.


which means:

  1. to do; to undertake; to perform; to play (a game); to study
  2. to send; to dispatch; to despatch
  3. to put; to move; to turn (one’s head, glance, etc.)
  4. to give (esp. to someone of equal or lower status); to let have; to present; to bestow; to confer
  5. to make (a vehicle) go faster
  6. to run (a business); to keep; to be engaged in; to practice (law, medicine, etc.)
  7. to have (food, drink, etc.); to eat; to drink; to smoke
  8. to hold (a performance); to perform; to show​
  9. to ease (one’s mind)​
  10. to harm; to injure; to kill​
  11. to have sex with
  12. to live; to get by; to get along​
  13. to do … completely
  14. to do … broadly; to do … to a great distance
  15. to do … for (someone of equal or lower status); to do … to (sometimes with negative nuance)​
  16. to make active efforts to …​

Without having seen this word before, I am guessing it’s read as ゆみるじん? :grimacing:

麒麟. I technically knew what a キリン was already, but I saw its Kanji form for the first time today, and I can see why it is almost always used in its Kana form. Has the most strokes out of any two Kanji word in the dictionary.


God, with the normal distance from my face to my Laptop I just see “whatever”. Had to zoom in :smiley:

ゆめみるひと. It uses kun’yomi and in this case it’s not strictly a single word, because ゆめみる is like a descriptor of the person - a person who dreams.

Ah I see. I’d never seen the first kanji before so was completely guessing based on the meaning you gave.

It must be. I guess this is the “Edward Penishands” of Japan.

心理学「しんりがく」 - psychology
A very fitting use of kanji :stuck_out_tongue:

Hate double-posting, but… 兎「うさぎ」 - rabbit
Used in 兎に角 - anyway, in any case
An angle for a rabbit. ごめん, couldn’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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Or antlers. :slightly_smiling_face:

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炭酸飲料, meaning soda. I think I’ll just stick to ソーダ… :running_man:


This literally means ‘carbonic acid drink’ (i.e. a carbonated drink), if you’re wondering why it’s so complicated. :stuck_out_tongue: ソーダ is definitely simpler, of course.

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I learned 大きく some time ago and this one popped up in Jisho:
大きく水をあけて - by a comfortable margin (literally: a great deal of water apart?)

Might be useful to some :slight_smile:

I learned the word for question: 問題… (it was burned today)
I haven’t been doing vocabulary lessons for the last 6 months, now I have 2347 vocabulary lessons to do :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
I will start vocabulary after I reach lvl 60.

Have fun studying! :grinning:

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女難 - trouble with women
Source: One Piece page my friend showed me (I don’t read it myself).

男難 does not exist that. That is telling us something :wink:


羽毛「うもう」 - feathers, plumage

Nor does a male equivalent of 姦.

嬲 and 嫐 exist, though, and the contrast in meanings is… intriguing.

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I noticed on twitter Feb.28 is apparently バカヤローの日 and I was curious why.

From what I gather, it goes back to an incident in the 50s when the prime minister called a representative an idiot which led directly to his government being dissolved.

Anyway, that’s why the most recent Japanese words I’ve learned are:
内閣 - cabinet
内閣不信任案 - “parliamentary motion of no confidence against the cabinet”
衆議院解散 - “dissolution of the lower house of parliament”

And that’s also why Japanese people on twitter are posting clips from media of people saying バカヤロー, in case you were wondering that…
Go figure!


This is absolute gold! Thanks for the share :smiley:

My recent word is actually the title of a manga I read way back when:
未来日記「みらいにっき」 (Future Diary)