Mnemonics different from lesson mnemonics?

Is it only me or are some of the mnemonics you learn during lessons different from the mnemonics when you lookup a radical or kanji? I am pretty sure the mnemonic for correct was different as it was for the dry radical. Or does my mind play tricks with me?

If I am correct, though, is there a way to see the mnemonics used in the lessons?


The mnemonic you get in lessons should be the same as the one you get when you look up individual items (like here WaniKani / Kanji / 正)

Just, there was a mnemonic overhaul recently (among other changes), so you might have learned the item before the change and remember it differently.

That would explain this. I started around 9 weeks ago. Was that the time of the overhaul?

I think I learned the correct Kanji with that Hard Gay Guy jumping around screaming SEI :slight_smile: … I never saw that mnemonic again. And the dry radical I believe I learned with “dry rack”

Here’s the announcement: WaniKani Content Overhaul

You have an option in your settings (WaniKani — Log in) to use the old mnemonics, so if that makes it easier for you, you can give it a try.

Thanks :slight_smile: !

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