Mnemonics for kanji

I started using wanikani, and haven’t used the mnemonics because I knew all the info on the first two levels. I know them really well. Should I use them for now on? Are the mnemonics the same as text fugu. I am considering going back in Textfugu and redoing those kanji. what should I do? Use them from now on or should I go back?

If you plan to stick with WaniKani, you should use WaniKani’s mnemonics. You don’t need to use any mnemonics for items that you already know. The mnemonics are there for you to learn/memorize the items so if you already know an item well, you can ignore that mnemonic.


Thank you.

Just to add to this, I wouldn’t recommend you ignore any of the radical mnemonics.

They are a different case to the kanji.

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