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A radical you learn during level 2 is the 千radical. I think I can propose a better mnemonic for this: “What are the lives of ten people in Okinawa, Japan? Right, a thousand years!”
Something along the lines of this. The core idea is that it’s made up of the ten radical and the person radical on top of it. (Ideally) ten people live a thousand years added up. Maybe you like it, it’s the way I personally remembered radical and kanji.


I think that’s pretty cute

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I can’t see the person radical there. It might be similar to the leader radical, though. But the top part is very flat.

In case somebody brings it up, WaniKani distinguishes between the person and leader radicals (and many other pairs like fire/boil, water/tsunami) because they really don’t look all that alike to somebody who doesn’t already know the history of kanji.

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I don’t see the person radical, but that’s a neat idea!

I’ve already forgotten the mnemonic for that one… is the one for the reading still せん = centaur???


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