Minna no nihongo classes

Are these worth?
My teacher is not native but she is very passionate.
Price is like 150e / 12 lessons (24 hours total). Meeting twice a week, coleagues are weebs while I am 40.

The teacher never heard of pitch accent and totally ignores the audio lessons in the book.

While I like this as an activity/motivation… I think I could do Tango N5+N4 & Tae Kim by myself and for that money I could buy a pro mic + bose noise cancelling headphones for shadowing etc.

ps: basically the cost is like 40% of my salary


Can’t give a definitive answer as this really depends on the person, but personally I probably wouldn’t go even if they were free. (Could be taking free language courses at university, but I’m not)

I don’t like classroom settings to begin with and with something like language learning I like them even less. I prefer studying at my own pace and if I want to practice talking I head over to https://www.italki.com/

There are definitely positive aspects to it though. Having others alongside on your journey, a regular schedule, bite sized lessons that come pre-chewed. (Though most of these can be gained otherwise)

Just have to figure out what you want to gain from those lessons and if that’s worth your time :stuck_out_tongue:

ps: basically the cost is like 40% of my salary

Definitely not worth it…


I would totally go for those noise cancelling headphones instead of the classes :sweat_smile: (specially if you’re aiming for a more immersion prone style of learning from the start).
As for the mic, pitch accent and such, I think you are thinking way ahead. Maybe see if you actually like what you learn, give a practical use… you might hate japanese … but the headphones will still be super useful :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the vocab books and Tae Kim, sure, you got to learn those someplace, I imagine they are as good as any.


What is your native language?

If you understand Spanish there is a guy who has a whole course online that follows Minna (Kira Sensei)

I’ve only done 3 Lessons (book + Kira videos) , so far no real need for a “live” teacher. I think teachers are better latter once you teach A2 or B1.

Again, sometimes paying makes you commit to it and if you like the group then you have some study buddies.


Are they starting from chapter 1 in the book? How does that compare to the knowledge you already have? Will you be able to continue right away after the first 12 lessons?

I take a Japanese class that uses Minna no Nihongo, and it suits me at least. I am learning from a veey passionate non-native teacher (25 year translator, married to a Kyuushuu woman and raising their kids Japanese). He strongly believes in building a broad foundation in grammar understanding, so it goes slow at the start, but he teaches 6x3h lessons a week at different levels (and you are allowed to go to as many of those for the same 12 week fee, so you can basically go at your own pace). He would never think to skip the listening practice (even adds drama shows to watch in class as you progress to the 2nd book). He also turns the writing exercises into conversation practice, and renshuu b become translation exercises, instead of ‘fill in the correct conjugation’ exercises (Dutch-JP).

With the right teacher Minna no nihongo can take you very far.

Well I don’t know about that Japanese class but I’m interested in some yummy wasabi mousse, if you have some leftovers…

That alone sounds like hard pass territory. :sweat_smile:

That’s why I never took classes back in college like my friends. The weeb factor was way too much off the charts.

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On a more serious note, iTalki might be a better path for you if you still want the teacher aspect for learning, but without the negatives (like a class full of weebs). And some of the highly-rated community tutors can be fairly inexpensive. And you can also do discounted, trial sessions as well so you don’t have to spend a bunch up front on an unknown quality teacher.

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