Minimum time to invest daily as absolute beginner?

Just wanted to add: Grammar is key (as well as vocabulary!)! There’s a lot of resources you can find linked here on that’ll get you on your feet, whether you prefer for SRS styled things or the traditional textbook, or watching a video series on YouTube. How much time you invest is up to you and how much you feel like you can handle in a day.

I also recommend getting some userscripts to help you plan out your studying. A popular one on here is the Ultimate Timeline. It’ll help you see when your next reviews are coming up much farther into the future than vanilla WaniKani does. I don’t always do all of my lessons/reviews all at once, and having this helps me to plot out the best times that I can fit doing my studying into the day, plus see where I might have more reviews than usual and plan whether or not I can handle adding new lessons to that pile.

Welcome to the community and good luck!