Meaning/Reading Questions Thread

I saw that there wasn’t a current thread open regarding Meaning/Reading questions, so here we go!

Have you ever come across a Kanji or vocabulary word where the meaning seems ambiguous or like they can be used in multiple contexts, and your just not sure? Have you ever asked yourself “Why on Earth does this not rendaku?” or “Why does this word have a exceptional reading and not that one?” Well if you’ve been there… ask away here! Hopefully throughout this thread we can become a more knowledgable community by helping each other out.

As always be respectful to those in this thread. There is no such thing as a stupid question especially when it comes to acquiring a foreign language.

Hopefully we can make this eternal. :crossed_fingers:


And I’ll start it off, 内ポケット is that like a pocket on the inside of a piece of clothing? Like ones a shady salesman would keep watches in? Or is it like something inside your pocket? Like a location?

It’s a pocket inside of clothing, yes. If you were talking about location, it would be ポケットの内[insert relevant particle here] or probably just ポケット[particle], actually


Could you explain more in detail what you think this thread should be about? :slight_smile: (like what’s the scope of questions asked?)

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That’s a good idea, I’ll make some edits.

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