May 3rd Daily Reading ブラックジャックによろしく Manga





The BUN raised until 110... I wanted to start a pertioneal dialysis but...

BUN [subject] 110 [until] raising / do+polite+past

peritoneum + dialysis [object] start + do+want / のです [but]

I had no idea what BUN was; so I searched it.
In japanese it is 血液尿素窒素 (けつえきにょうそちっそ), Blood (血液) urea (尿素) nitrogen (窒素).
It’s a medical test that measures the amount of urea nitrogen found in blood.

  • 上昇 (じょうしょう) + する : rising, ascending
  • 腹膜 (ふくまく) : peritoneum (腹=abdomen, 膜=membrane)
  • 透析 (とうせき) : dialysis
  • 開始 (かいし) : start, begining (note how the word is made from 開=open and 始=begin)
  • したい : する + ~たい adjective suffix, which gives the idea of “to want to (verb)”
  • のですが : explicative のです (note how he doesn’t slurr it when speaking to his superior); and が at the end = but (as Shiratori told him to not do too much and follow the isntructions; so Saitou sais he “wanted to do dialysis but (I asks you before)”, with the part in aprenthesis not stated (or maybe Shiratori just interrpts his speech))

(and for the record, 吹き出し (ふきだし, the thing blown out) is the Japanese name of comics bubbles)
Oh, I like the kanji for urine, 尿, water under a body、yep, that is exactly what it is with a young child (before diapers were invented at least)

And blood… a drop ( ﹅ ) coming into a plate ( 皿 ) (most probably a reference to old sacrificial practices; I don’t have an etymological dictionary at hand)
The technical word 血液 is blood (血) + liquid, fluid (液) (yep, 三水 (さんすい, the 3 dotted water radical⺡) and 夜)