Master's degree to be a Japanese translator

Hey nat, welcome to WK :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new to learning Japanese as well, but WK is a great place to find support and resources. You can progress at your own pace and direction, without the need to conform to a university course. Check out the WK resources link for more info and fall headfirst down whatever rabbit hole takes your fancy, be it podcasts, grammar or vocab, etc.

Also, just today @Jarrz made an amazing Level 60 post with some great advice; my favourite being that, if you ca’t physically move to Japan, why not do so digitally. She changed her online accounts, entertainment outlets and eventually computer & phone OS to Japanese. This makes learning the language a necessity rather than a hobby. I’ll be sure to implement these ideas gradually as well, but it definitely seems intimidating given my current level. You sound like you have enough of the basics to cope though :muscle:

Let us know if you find anything useful or what really appeals to you. Enthusiasm can be infectious here on the forums!

Good luck, and happy learning :slight_smile: :vulcan_salute: