Master List of Study Logs

Much more adroit than my manual deleting of every instance of them in Marifly’s link before getting too tired to bother with anyone else’s!

Just fixed the spacing too, just replacing * with -

*wrings hands*

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Cheers! :clinking_glasses:

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You didn’t create it either, so maybe you’re meddling with it by reverting it and removing my study log from the list.

I was actually trying to help, so you could have been a little nicer about it, instead of assuming bad intent.

In addition, you could of course use the edit history to find new entries, but it’s quite cumbersome to find a specific entry…

They aren’t though… take Joeni’s for example. If they’re supposed to be in that order, maybe correct it so it is in that order, and then put it in the initial post that it’s supposed to be in the order the log was created. If that’s the way the community wants the list, great, but then we should make that clear, and then do that…

It was perfectly clear.

Thank you so much @Rowena and @Joeni for fixing this vandalism. Much appreciated. Thank you.

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I’m confused by this. I edited my study log on in, at the bottom of the list as directed at the top of the initial post, on edit 64->65 if you look through the history and it’s still in that position, above the two study logs that were added since.

Unless what you’re saying is that they’re not in the order in which the logs were created, which is obviously true, but also obviously almost impossible to do unless you went through every post and checked their creation date. Having them ordered by date they were added to the list is the logical order.

Always happy to help with random formatting stuff and edit history searching <3


Exactly what I was saying…

Has the community already discussed this? I’m just curious why everyone is so certain about this - I’m fine if that’s the case, but it would help to know the reasoning…

Help who? This list has been running for over a year. The first study log (as far as I am aware) was created by @Ncastaneda and this master list was created by me. Since then over 60 people have added their study logs to the list, each one going at the bottom of the list. It is logical (in just the same way as this post is going at the bottom of the thread) and helps everyone see when a new log gets added. It was, and is, all working just fine.

If you are not happy with it, rather than completely changing the format of some one else’s long-established thread, you could just make a thread of your own. If you like, you could make a thread called “the alphabetical list of study logs” or something like that. It might be a great success, I hope it is, I wish you all the best with it. It would certainly be better than changing other people’s work without permission.


People make changes with the best of intention. Sometimes they’re a bit too gung ho. (I’ve been there, done that, wear the t-shirt proudly on weekends.)

Let’s be sure to be understanding and forgiving, especially when a change is able to be fairly easily undone. Let’s ensure the learning experience is not unpleasant for those who acted only with good intentions.

(I will admit, it was a bit of a shock to no longer be fourth on the list for a while.)


At no point did I accuse you of having bad intent, just poor etiquette that you would make such a radical change to someone else’s work without asking first.

It was not my intention to remove your link; I had no idea that you had reordered the list in the same moment that you joined it. All study logs are welcome in the list, yours included - please do put it back in.


@Rowena, you’re completely right - I apologize for not asking and I won’t do that again.

I wasn’t trying to vandalize but I see why you might have taken it that way. Sorry…


No problem. Thank you for this post, and my apologies to you for responding harshly. I can see clearly now that you weren’t deliberately trying to spoil things.

Right, now that everything is back to normal… let’s have a look at your study log then! Did you add it to the list in the end or not? You’re more than welcome to, so please do!


Woah, last time I had a look at the list there were 10 entries at most and now there’re over 60?! :astonished:
Makes me think about making my own again. I wouldn’t really know what to write though, I’d probably mostly use it to keep track of reading material and such. :thinking:


Added mine :relaxed:


also added mine uwu

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Added mine :blush: let’s hope I stick to it!

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Added mine ^^ Will update weekly!

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Added mine. Looking forward to this journey!

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Added the shared study log for new Olympians team Earth! We’re not very organized, but feel free to join our team and our log at Olympians XXXII (2021 - not the original 2020 thread) and :globe_with_meridians: Olympians XXXII - OFFICIAL Team 地 shared study log!

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Hope it’ll be fair, I added my own study log to this master thread just now :grin:
The final month of lessons - a certain Bidoof’s study log!
We’ll see how it goes :heart: