Make Reading its own section

Oh! Yes, just making clear that those are helpful tips (from the title for instance) rather than recommendations/specifications would probably make it a lot less scary.


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At the time there seemed to be several people reluctant to lead bookclubs because they didn’t know what it entailed. I had the time so I wrote the post based on my experience and what I observed. I did mean for it to be a community effort. I made it a wiki in the hopes that others might add to it or change it, and I reformatted it a few times based on feedback.

I agree that having a “How to Run a Wanikani Bookclub” thread in the “Book Clubs” section of the forum makes it seem too formal. As a start I changed the title.

I think that something of this nature would be a helpful thing to have pinned, so I would encourage any other regular bookclub participant to write a new one, alter that one, or leave some feedback on how to make it more useful.

If there’s a consensus that its existence in any form does more harm than good, then it should probably be removed entirely.

For all the time we all spend reading, I didn’t think it was that long. :disappointed_relieved:


At least the original version contained an overwhelming amount of information, so I never read the whole thing. I don’t have the time to read the whole thing and give constructive feedback at the moment either. If others read through and help refine it first, I can take a look sometime after that.

For the record, I appreciate the effort you put into it. I think in some form it could be valuable to users who are on the fence about running a book club.


By the way, I don’t think it is that long in the absolute!
I’m just thinking of the typical use case, which, probably, would be someone who has not been around for so long (or simply never really joined a club) and want to start something independently of one of the main groups. They may be nervous about starting anything and the info dump might overwhelm them.
The intro of the thread is nice in making it clear that it’s just to help, but people might get scared off before reading it. As long as there’s a short bolded (so that they really see it) disclaimer at the top saying “people don’t need to follow those suggestions, but they’ve been widely used and they help” or something like that, I think it’s fine as is otherwise.


Continuing the conversation here in the Tips for Running a Club thread

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I wouldn’t move them.

I would move Tips for Running a Club, nonetheless.

About this topic’s title - shouldn’t it be Make Reading Clubs its own section?

The original proposal was different from how it turned out.


I guess it is done now, or probably mostly? I don’t have a proof.

I also guess Shougi Articles in March Comes Like A Lion should be moved, as it is in the book. Feel free to move back if you disagree.


Here are some posts that I don’t know whether to move them or not:

I feel the above ones should be moved as they discuss book clubs.

I feel the above one should be moved as it sort of belongs to a book club.

I feel the above one should be moved as it asks about a book club.

What do y’all think?

(and yeah, I found them just like @seanblue by scrolling through the Reading threads :grin:)


What about the Book Club Appreciation Thread?

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That should be renamed to POLL Club Appreciation Thread and become the next POLL thread


My thoughts, for what little they’re worth:

  • Doki Doki Literature Club is a game, not a book. Though I guess it is a visual novel, so it’s kind of a grey area.

  • The cover art one is discussing the cover of a book that was a book club at one point, but isn’t really a club by itself. Kinda seems like clutter to add it to the Book Club section, but it wouldn’t not fit?

  • Everything else looks like they fit the category well.

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I always thought that anything that is not literally a book club goes in the reading section. Makes it clear cut and the stops the reading category from becoming a waste land. :grin:


It’s listed in the master list of book clubs, so I ended up moving it. No strong objections if people want to move it somewhere else though.

Seems like just a random discussion about a cover, so not a book club.

That’s a fine approach in theory, but in practice people asking about book clubs going forward are likely to ask in the Book Clubs subcategory, whether we like it or not. :slight_smile:


Kind of debating whether to move this to Reading: Here, Have a List of Aozora Books by WK Level

Are there any book club-like threads that still need to be moved? Realizing I’m terrible late to the party :sweat_smile:


I think we’re good now, thanks for the offer! :slight_smile:

Hm, good question - Resources doesn’t sound too bad, but Reading would make sense as well :sweat_smile: I’ll leave the decision to somebody else who has a stronger opinion on this…

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Then I can only ping @kemily88 . It looks like I don’t have the power to move threads.

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Had to go hunt down my password but I’ve moved it to Reading! Can always move it back if people have trouble finding it. Thanks for remembering my little post :blush: