Mainichi Chrome Extension

Hey everyone,

So lately, I’ve been using a Chrome extension called Mainichi - every time you go to the “New Tab” page, the extension will display a flashcard that contains an English word, the Japanese equivalent in kanji, romaji, and furigana, and an icon.  I’m loving the extension because it’s a great way to pick up random vocabulary, not to mention that it’s pretty awesome to see words that I already know and realize just how much I’ve learned via WaniKani and Tae Kim.  You can use the extension in Chrome, and I believe that, for non-Chrome users, you can subscribe to weekly updates of new words.

The website can be found here:

Happy reviewing!

If you’ve heard of this before, this became more useful in recent weeks as there is now an option to hide romaji :slight_smile:

Yay! Hiding romaji now! Seriously, I really don’t like listing romaji for a word next to the kanji or furigana - while I can read some Japanese, I think it’s a given that my eyes will automatically roam to the romaji first since my brain is more likely to understand whatever is written in roman letters (native english speaker)…which then obviates the point of reading the kanji or furigana.