Looking for Resources to do along with Wanikani

Hi, I am pretty new to Wanikani and I bought the lifetime during the sale. I currently only do Wanikani for my Japanese learning and I am wanting to add some more resources to learn more effectively/faster and just continue learning. I am looking at buying the first Genki textbook once I get the money but do you guys have some good cheap/free resources that I could use in the meantime?
Thanks in advance, Jeremiah

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There is a pretty big resources list here:
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!
Of course, that list might be overwhelming if you’re just starting out. If you have any question about specific resources, I bet no one would mind if you asked about it!


For free grammar I can right away recommend Tae Kim’s guide to Japanese grammar.
Japanese Ammo with Misa, and other youtube Japanese channels are also a good place to start.

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Thank you for the help, I will look into those later today.

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Anki for vocabulary that’s not covered by Wanikani (it’s a free flashcard program, not nearly as pretty as Wanikani - might take some getting used to - but it has great functionality). There are premade decks for the vocabulary in Genki, so if you do end up getting the textbook, that might help.

I’d second Saida’s recs as well for non-textbook grammar sources as an alternative.

Not technically a resource, but the browser extension yomichan is great - it let’s you look up words immediately by hovering over them, so if you wanna start reading some easy things in Japanese, it’s a real time saver. (But don’t use it to cheat on Wanikani!! :laughing:)

Ultimately I don’t think there’s much you can do in addition to Kanji without at least some basic grammar. So I’d look into those resources first, pick what you like best, and get started :smile:

Give yourself some time to check out what’s out there. You probably know by this point that this is not a race, so investing a few extra hours into finding the resources that work best for you is definitely a good investment.

For grammar, I’ve been using this playlist. He follows along Genki I and II. I’ve found it very helpful and I like the video format better than a textbook format.

For kana-only vocab, I’ve been using Torii SRS. It is an SRS program with different options for filtering the vocab that they feature.

For beginner-friendly listening practice, a lot of people recommend Nihongo con Teppei’s podcast.


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