Looking for old folklore reading recommendations

Hey everybody,

I’ve been trying to increase my exposure and keep finding older folklore more and more interesting. I’m just an upper level beginner still trying to cross over into intermediate level Japanese. Could someone give some Japanese folklore reading recommendations at my level?

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Hi! I am way to knew to know how to fully answer your question, however, I do have a book that you may already know about: Japanese Stories for Language Learners.

I’ve seen two folktales in it, the first and second one I believe, and it seems to either have folktales or short historical stories. It comes with an audio CD too! However, I’m not completely sure of the reading level. It’d definitely above my level, then again you have 10 levels on me :laughing:

Hope this is of some help anyway! If you want more details I can look more into my copy of the book and try to answer them.

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