Location Names

Usually location names are quite tricky for me to remember because their “meaning” doesnt always make sense. I’d say 東京, 京都, 北海道 are fine but the others are kinda hard. If there were a list of words like these that is ordered by level it’d be amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I know what’d be even better: that list should include the words where english and japanese are the same, e.g. 温泉, 旅館, 神風.

I say this because if we already know it in english beforehand it makes it infinitely easier to learn it in japanese.

So yeah is there such a list, one that is preferably listed by level wanikani level. Also what is this phenomenon (when the english word is a loanword from japanese) called, maybe we can just google it and it can be found like that too, and someone who knows the relevant programming experience can easily make this list, I should learn to do this in a few months but would like the list now :stuck_out_tongue:

I made dis:

It’s a list of all location names rather than just those taught by WaniKani, and they’re sorted by English alphabetical order rather than WaniKani level order, but the point is, it tells you at what level you’re able to read all the kanji in the name, and it kinda sounds like what you’re after.

(Also, it just ocurred to me I need to update the lookup table after the radicals overhaul…)

“Japanese loanwords in English” works just fine. :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool, i’ll check that out



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