LN’s/ manga aimed at females?

If you don’t mind the “pure” type of story (i.e. no sexual content at all, mostly aimed at tween/teen), I would recommend searching for “shoujo” (少女) instead of “josei” (女性) or “joseimuki”. This is partly because “josei” as a category is actually a pretty recent term.

暁のヨナ is generally categorized as shoujo, as are two of my other faves: “Skip Beat!” (which, incidentally, also has a book club, but no read-aloud sessions) and “Ao Haru Ride” / “Blue Spring Ride” / アオハライド.

This would be a good list to start from for those types:

I’d also recommend:

  • Chihayafuru
  • Snow White with the Red Hair (I only watched the Anime for this, but I plan to read the manga someday soon)