🔉 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge (Summer Edition) 🏖

Summary Post

July 27th
What did I listen to?: Obey Me! anime - 3 episodes
How much time did I spend listening?: probably like 12 min not counting the closing song

I’m big stress times today, it was hard to think of anything I would want to listen to or read I didn’t really get to the reading…again. I really thought sitting down and listening regularly was going to be the challenge but it’s definitely not working out that way :sweat_smile: Anyway, I’m glad I chose this, though, because within a minute I was laughing and feeling way less stressed, they’re so adorable :joy: I watched at least one of these before with English subs on, but I kept the subs off this time. Having no subs really made me appreciate the voice acting more, though I didn’t understand good chunks of what was said. I didn’t realize that there were only 3 episodes of this D: I thought there were more for some reason. Oh well.

This one is the cutest, the faces game is too much xD

Also bunny Asmo from ep 3 is killing me, look at how cute ><
Screenshot 2022-07-27 194812

Give him all the carrots :3