Script Request: fanfare/crowd noise after lesson quiz, levelling up and completing reviews

Hi there,

I like the computer game feel of wanikani and I think I and others would find it even more motivating with some cool audio scripts (and some visuals).

I know there is already a script for level up and burn BUT a) I would love some sound effects b) more action c) to have celebrations for competing lesson quizes and competing a batch of reviews (with a toggle option for all correct or not - I still think we can celebrate even if they are all right or not!!!)

So audio for the following would be cool:

  • lesson quiz completion
  • level up completion
  • review completion (whether they are 100% or not!!)

…with some options eg.:

  • crowd going crazy
  • trumpet fanfare
  • fireworks

PLUS something exciting visually eg.

-crazy wanikani running around the page
-kanji jumping around and doing acrobatics

Anyone geeky types out there fancy making it? I and others would be very grateful!

Many thanks!


There are two related scripts, maybe they can be used as a base to implement all that you are asking for:

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