Level 9, 632 kanji burned

I’ve burned quite a few kanji; will this help me progress faster through the next few levels?

I’m fairly sure this has nothing to do with the speed at which you’re going through levels (though if I’m mistaken, someone feel free to correct me). You’re just “burning” material you’ve already learned, so it won’t show up again in your reviews.


New vocabulary will show up if you reach guru on the corresponding kanji, so burning kanji won’t speed that up more. You will only be “faster” in the sense that you will have fewer kanji to review in later levels (because you already did the work and used the time in earlier levels).


You have to guru the radicals to unlock the kanji that uses them (on the same level), and then you have to guru 90% of the kanji of your current level to hit the next level. While you were waiting for items to burn, you should’ve had a healthy queue of lessons to do. By not doing them you won’t be progressing. Of course, pacing yourself is important, but If you want to progress fast, do all reviews and lessons as they appear.

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There’s no way you’ve burned 632 Kanji, you’ve only seen around 300 Kanji by level 9. Maybe you’ve burned 632 items including radicals and vocabulary?

Either way, burning items doesn’t change the speed at which you go through WK. The only things that determine your speed are how fast you get each level’s radicals to Guru, and how fast you get 90% of each level’s kanji to Guru. This opens the next level.


Yep, you can see that out of 632 items @DrewBear burned 140 kanji. But it’s still a lot at level 9 I think, given that it takes ~6 months to burn an item.

I’d say if you focus on burning items you’ll progress slower because it takes so much to burn an item. Just keep a manageable pace and do lessons and reviews regularly.

Buring doesn’t affect your memory or anything. The assumption is that you know the item so well that there’s no point in doing extra reviews. That may be the case but you’ll still forget kanji you don’t use. Thus, read stuff outside WK to continue practicing.


I burned quite few items overall for my level, but as you can see from my heat map I had like a 3 month gap. Mainly because I had done all the free levels. However, I have used the self-study quiz user script to ensure that those are truly burned. Like some I felt I took too long to answer and had to think about so I resurrected them. Yet, I am pretty certain that does not make things faster just less work load.

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