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Hey Meeks33! Always okay to jump in! I love discussing this stuff haha

Short answer, not good lol. I rarely use it. It works like Anki because you can decide if you got it right or not, and I would rather just be wrong if I thought I was close. The SRS system also isn’t very intuitive and doesn’t remind you when to review next. It just says, “yea you should review this deck again sometime on January 6th…y’know, if you want” and I think that’s kind of lazy on their part. I just use it when I want to reinforce the vocabulary in the lessons so it’s easier to read the dialogues.

For the Core10k vocabulary, I use ToriiSRS cause it looks and works a lot like WaniKani. I think the SRS system is actually a clone of WaniKani because the dev is a WaniKani user. There is also a context sentence for each vocabulary word with audio, and as far as my ears can tell, it’s an actual human speaking. Each word also has many context sentences with English translation alongside in the ‘details’ tab.

It’s only $22 for a lifetime subscription. It doesn’t give you too many extras and a paid subscription isn’t necessary to use the app to it’s full potential, but I liked it so much that I wanted to buy him a couple coffees haha.

There aren’t any mnemonics, but there is space to create your own, which is a lot of fun for me. I usually make them using the radicals I know in the kanji, but ToriiSRS includes a ton of Katakana loan words and Hiragana only words too.

The thread is linked here: Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary