Level 60, Kanken 2級

Hello, everyone.
Before starting Wanikani in January 2021 I was learning Japanese already for a long time. In 2008 I passed Jlpt1級 after three years of living in Japan, but that was more accidentally than based on real knowledge.

I tried to improve my Kanji knowledge at some point by learning for the Kanken 4級 which I failed for about ten points in 2019. Somehow I can’t remember Kanjis anymore even if I write them everyday. I even started to keep forgetting very basic ones and have problems writing my own address…

So I started Wanikani, hoping the mnemonics help me writing. In the beginning I did it a bit reluctantly because starting from cero in super slow speed seemed so disappointing. Now I am at level 21 and I am quite happy that the order is different from school so even on this low levels I see Kanjis I didn’t learn so far. And I feel that it was also good to review everything. It IS easier to write now, definitely.

Now I am thinking again about my almost forgotten goal to pass the Kanken 2級 after finishing level 60. Did someone try it or also has the goal to do so?

Thank you for reading this long post!


Good luck!

I made this topic during my Kanken studies.

Over time I went from level 5 to now level 2.

Studying for pre-1, but it won’t happen any time soon.



Thank you for the link, I am really curious on how you did it.
And good luck for the pre 1!

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Good luck! BTW you may have already come across this but I saw some pretty decent videos on Youtube from an American who passed the Kankens. I don’t recall how far the tutorials went but there are good resources out there for studying especially when it comes to workbooks.

Thank you! There are really a lot of workbooks. And a game for the Nintendo (in my case the almost antique Ds). However, I have no problem reading but I totally fail to write… The writing just does not stick to my long time memory and I wrote tons of notebooks :slight_smile:

That’s why I started Wanikani, it helps me to remember what the Kanji is made out. But I am just at level 22 so I was wondering if other people did Kankens in parallel or after finishing level 60? If the levels are corresponding, because I think they are not really.